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The best work-life balance fitness job

It’s nothing new that work-life balance and time management are at the top of the list of priorities and challenges for most people. If your current routine includes a full-time job, taking care of a family and/or pets, and having any sort of social life, then building a fitness career on top of that can seem like a daunting, nearly impossible task. But compared to other side hustles, when you are able to work on the side as a group fitness instructor or personal trainer, you have more flexibility, you’re building experience, doing what you love, and burning calories all while earning extra income.

As one of the fastest growing residential and commercial amenities providers, TFLiving gives residents in communities around the country access to a menu of fitness classes, personal training, dog walking and more all from a mobile app. Below are a few of the top ways that TFLiving offers one of the best work-life balance fitness jobs available around the U.S.!

Enjoy a flexible schedule around your time

Working mother or father with limited spare time? No problem. Limited availability with your full-time job? Also not a problem. One of the greatest benefits of becoming a fitness instructor with TFLiving is the ability to enjoy a flexible schedule that allows you to work mornings, evenings, weekends, and as little or as much as you’d like.

Having a presence at over 90,000 units and growing throughout the country allows TFLiving to provide a comprehensive list of fitness offerings to a great number of group fitness instructors and personal trainers nationwide. The ability to sub-out your class as needed when something comes up allows you to work less if needed as well. With our sub program you’re also able to easily pickup classes in your area when they come available for extra work.

Get experience in a wide range of group fitness class offerings with plenty of opportunities

When starting your fitness career, like any field, it’s important to build your background with high-level variety of skills and experiences. In addition to being able to teach fitness around the U.S. at a wide variety of residential and commercial locations, we offer the ability for instructors to pick up classes directly and easily from our service provider mobile app.

Our communities select an assortment of group fitness offerings ranging from yoga classes, to bootcamp, HIIT, circuit training, water aerobics, cycling and more. With such a robust list of class types and locations, there are ample opportunities for anyone looking to start a career in fitness today.

Get paid to workout and do what you love

There’s plenty of side-hustles you could pursue on top of your full time job, but fitness is one of the best ways to enjoy extra work and burn calories while getting paid to do it. On top of earning extra income, you’ll save money on workout equipment and gym memberships by being able to get your workout in while you train or teach others.

When you are able to work on the side as a group fitness instructor or personal trainer, you’re not only building experience and doing what you love, but staying healthy as part of your personal agenda. In a motivating read by the Washington Post titled 10 Reasons being a fitness instructor should be your side hustle, you might even be incentivized to work out even harder when you are leading the fitness group.

Help make a difference in others lives

Why do you love fitness? There’s no doubt that fitness is personally rewarding, but what truly drives people to teach fitness is often the enthusiasm for helping others achieve their fitness goals and playing a role in improving their lifestyle. Your love for helping others aligns with our goals at TFLiving of creating great experiences for communities through our marketplace of amenities including group fitness classes and personal training at home.

When you invest in starting your fitness career today you’ll reap all of the benefits above plus countless more – and it won’t even feel like work because you’ll be loving every moment of it.

Need more convincing to start your career in fitness today? Visit our Job Posting board now to view all the available jobs we have for group fitness instructors, yoga instructors, personal trainers jobs near you!

Catherine Rotman