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Getting Started

Download the App

Search for “TFLiving Talent” on the AppStore (iOS) or Google Play (Android). The Talent App has a black background behind the TFLiving logo.

Create an Account

Once you have downloaded the app, input the email address that you provided to the TFLiving team upon hiring and create password for your account.

Create a Profile

Create a profile which will be viewable to residents, including details about services you provide and certifications you have. You also have the option of adding a photo.

Add Services and Locations

You will be prompted to accept the Terms of Service in the hyperlink provided. Following this, you will see a ‘Services Offered’ screen. You will then be geo-tagged to the area that you offer services or teach in, and can also add additional services and locations nearby.

Dashboard Overview

The Dashboard Home Screen

From the 'Dashboard' screen, you can preview all current work activities sub requests and payments earned so far.

Upcoming Bookings and Property Details

By selecting any activity you’ve been assigned to from the Dashboard under the ‘Upcoming Bookings’ Section, you can also see details such as where to park, a map of the location and additional property details.

The Bottom Menu Bar

From the menu bar along the bottom you can view a calendar of all your bookings, access additional opportunities, as well as your profile which you can update or edit.

The Bookings Calendar

The Bookings Tab

The 'My Bookings' tab showcases a calendar view as well as a list of your current bookings to keep you up to date and organized. Any of the dates that have a blue dot underneath are dates you have bookings. From here you can also see recurring bookings, any opportunities for group class sub, private sub requests, or even opportunities to host a social event.

Discover Opportunities Nearby

The Opportunities Tab

The 'Opportunities' feature allows you to see all available TFLiving work opportunities at nearby properties. Scroll left to see the full range of service categories. When there is a job available, it will be displayed under the category with information about the job and how to book it.


From the upper-left section of the mobile app, you can access a toolbar to manage past classes, invoices, support and more.

The History Screen

From the 'History' screen, you can find all your invoice records and bookings. Invoices are automatically generated when you check out of a job. The 'Past Bookings' tab will include your past services with the billing rate.

Manage Services

From the 'Manage Services' area on the left toolbar, you can add all the services you are able to offer, as well as credentials you've earned, and change or include additional locations you can offer services in.

Notifications and Messages

The Notifications Bell

In the upper-right corner of the mobile app you will see a 'Notifications Bell' icon. This is where you can can view any notifications sent about class changes, sub opportunities available near you and any other important updates sent out.


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