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When Personal Training Benefits Over Your Regular Fitness Regiment

Motivation is the key driver to all things exercise and fitness. It takes willpower and determination to take that first step and decide to join a gym or a workout routine at home. Everyone has reasons personal to them for wanting to incorporate fitness into their lives (other than just losing weight!) but what really drives someone to make the...

Instructor Spotlight: Michael D’Ulisse

MEET MICHAEL D'ULISSE: TFLIVING ZUMBA & BAR INSTRUCTOR Location of classes:  Pennsylvania TFLiving classes you teach:  Zumba, Barre Favorite Pre-Workout Snack:  Banana Smoothie (spinach, celery and banana) Most memorable fitness moment:  One of my regular Zumba students expressed she lost 25 pounds because of my class. I was so thrilled for her. She looks amazing! What inspired you to get into fitness:  I wanted to help people live happier and...

Shaq Gurvin- TFLiving Fitness Instructor

Instructor Spotlight: Shaq Gurvin

Meet Shaq Gurvin: TFLiving GROUP Fitness Instructor Location where you teach:  I’m originally from Decatur, Ga however, being that fitness is soaring in the Metro Atlanta area, I decided to train across the major areas of Stockbridge, Morrow, College Park, Jonesboro, Fairburn, Lithonia & Duluth. TFLiving classes you teach:  Yoga & Group Fitness. Favorite pre-workout and/or post workout snack:   My favorite pre~workout snack is almond butter...