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Highlights With TFLiving CEO Devin Wirt on His Entrepreneurial Journey and the Future of Multifamily Amenities From Tangent Podcast

Our CEO Devin Wirt recently had the fortunate opportunity to sit down and chat with Edward Cohen of Tangent Podcast, a series that highlights the future of cities; from Real Estate to Development and Trends, to Sustainability and Tech. Devin opens up about his background and initiation into the multifamily amenities space before Edward goes on to ask him and...

There’s No “Right” Way to Meditate, Plus Other Tips for Beginners

If you’ve tried meditation before but you’ve felt out of place, or unsure of the process, you’re not alone. Many people who attempt to meditate on their first try commonly over-analyze and have a difficult time navigating through the natural rhythm of interrupting thoughts, distractions and expectations. We're here to help talk you through how you can break the barrier...