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Keeping the Human Element in a Tech Driven World

In a world where technology automates everything for us and simplifies our lives, how do we embrace it without losing the core of what subconsciously brings true meaning to us – the human connection?

While the traditional ways of planning leisure activities, booking fitness classes, shopping for gifts, etc. originally involved human interaction on multiple facets, we continue to see an erosion of the human connection the more that technology replaces the processes of our lives. From automated grocery check-outs to complex processes as residential leasing, no longer are the days where we need to sit down with an agent to apply for a mortgage, shop for a house, or plan a vacation. While it still helps to have an expert on your side in many of these industries, the technology we all have access to continues the march on automation to make it all easier and more convenient than ever for us.

Property managers want the best experience for their tenants, and tenants want to live somewhere where they can feel at home, enjoy every convenience, have good company around, and easily access services and experiences. Many services and applications exist but still, the disconnect remains where the service is delivered with the human element far removed.

In the end, the connection between individuals and groups remains important when creating a sense of community. Residents will only attend a yoga class if it is offered by an instructor they like or continue to attend events because of the engaging host who provided an exceptional experience. The best way to grow with the technology and maintain the human element is to provide an application that gives people the convenience to enjoy amenities on demand, in a way that still connects and ties us all together.

At the end of the day, connection drives us forward in our lives, whether we are aware of it or not. We are motivated to share our exercise in a group setting where we can enjoy the pain and pride together. We enjoy the moments when we can take time away from our busy lives to get to know our neighbors over drinks and family-friendly games. In communities that are tight-knit and living among the bustle of the ever-changing era of technology, it is connecting our technology alongside those experiences rather than replacing them, that will keep us all fulfilled.

Catherine Rotman