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How We’re Keeping Communities Active and Safe


Affordable amenities that bring health and wellness into communities nationwide are the core of our mission. COVID-19 has allowed us to find innovative ways to serve our communities with virtual fitness and events that will enable greater flexibility, all from the comfort of home. While the circumstances have kept communities distant, people have found a new appreciation for the connections and experiences we strive to create.

With the knowledge that the road ahead is ever-evolving, we stay up for the challenge and committed to carrying out affordable ways to engage our communities through virtual and on-site amenities. Our teams stand prepared with solutions to meet your current needs as we develop the best co-created safety plan for our employees, residents, and tenants. As we look towards the future, we will continue to provide alternatives for amenities with our virtual platform to keep our communities safe, active, and connected. We look forward to bringing our communities back together again, safely.

A Letter From Our CEO

May 28, 2020

TFLiving was founded to bring affordable wellness and lifestyle services into communities while allowing people to do what they love. Through these challenging times, our mission remains constant: to bring people together through experiences. While we may not be face-to-face today, the desire for human connection is stronger than ever…


FAQ’s For Our Property Managers

What is TFLiving doing during the pandemic to continue serving its customers?

Very early on we launched a host of complimentary virtual fitness and event offerings to help residents/tenants safely remain active and socially engaged. We continue to expand our virtual offerings with quality and affordability in mind, helping our communities everywhere.

Has TFLiving pivoted away from its core amenities business?

Not at all! Our mission is stronger than ever in bringing affordable health and wellness and lifestyle amenities to communities while allowing people to do what they love. Our virtual offerings allow us to continue that mission while expanding to new communities.

How is TFLiving supporting its properties during these uncertain times?

A combination of communication and action. We’re working with our communities whether they currently participate in virtual amenities or have other needs. We’re tailoring each property plan with our new safety protocols for when we are asked to resume on-site amenities.

What separates TFLiving from the many fitness industry competitors offering on-line content?

Our mission to provide affordable, quality amenities are what separate us from the rest. Our virtual offerings require no expensive equipment, trial periods or supplements. Just a little bit of space and the desire to get moving are all that is needed!

What new safety protocols will TFLiving implement when returning to on-site amenities services such as personal training and group fitness classes?

On top of all CDC guidelines, TFLiving instructors are required to go through safety training prior to going back on-site. We have a host of safety protocols from ensuring social distancing, sanitizing procedures, taking classes outside, and much more. We layer our safety checklist on top of property guidelines to ensure all residents, tenants, and instructors are safe at all times.

How do I get more information on virtual amenities for my building?

Virtual amenities are a great and safe alternative to keep your residents and tenants engaged. Please contact for more information on our current virtual amenity packages.

I’m a fitness instructor with TFliving, how will I know when I’m able to resume teaching my classes on-site?

We are communicating with our talented instructors in advance of regularly scheduled classes opening up to review our new safety training and protocols. If we haven’t reached out yet, we will be in contact soon!

As a TFLiving talent instructor, what property/resident safety protocols will be followed to ensure I’m safe to return on-site when classes resume?

In addition to the new safety training requirements for all instructors, we have a comprehensive list of new safety measures we are taking at the property level including limiting attendance to enforce social distancing, moving classes outside when possible, no shared equipment, vigorous sanitizing protocols, use of masks, gloves, and more.

I see there are virtual fitness classes being offered, how do I get involved with that program?

Great question! We are adding more virtual classes based on demand and variety. If you’re interested in becoming a virtual trainer with us, please reach out at

Are there new requirements for me before returning to teaching with TFLiving?

Yes. For the safety of our instructors, residents and properties, we have new safety training and procedures that must be followed at all times. We’ll be in touch with our new safety protocols well in advance of returning to teach on-site.

Will my regular classes resume once my properties open back up for amenities services?

This will be a case by case decision as we work with all our communities to plan which on-site classes will resume when safe to do so.

FAQ's For Our Talent

FAQ’s For Our Residents

How will I know when on-site amenities are available again?

Our marketing and customer experience team will continue to provide updates to our properties and residents, including when on-site amenities are available again. We encourage all residents to check out the TFLiving app for details and real-time updates or feel free to email with any questions on services.

Are fitness instructors required to follow any safety precautions when teaching on-site?

Absolutely. On top of required safety training, our instructors will adhere to all CDC guidelines, sanitization protocols, safety equipment such as masks and gloves, and will enforce social distancing to ensure the safety of all residents, properties, and instructors.

I’ve been taking your virtual fitness classes, and would like to continue. Will my property still offer those once the fitness center opens back up?

We’re glad to hear it! We believe the need for virtual fitness classes will continue as we experience and plan for new social norms. Please speak with your property manager if you have interest in continuing with our virtual amenities at your building.

Is personal training going to be available again soon?

Once we have developed a safe re-entry amenity plan for your community, absolutely. Personal training is a great way to get active again while ensuring social distancing. If personal training is available at your building go to the TFLiving app to explore our personal training packages to get started as soon as your fitness center reopens! Not sure if your building has re-opened amenities yet or made personal training available? Please contact your property manager or email

Will there be a reservation system moving forward to limit class size?

We will be enforcing social distancing and possible reduced class size, depending on the size of your fitness center. Our app comes with a reservation system, and we highly encourage all residents to reserve their class space in advance to avoid missing out.

Reach Out

Still have questions? Our team is ready to address any inquiries you may still have. Feel free to reach out anytime!