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Instructor Spotlight: Michael D’Ulisse


Location of classes: Pennsylvania

TFLiving classes you teach: Zumba, Barre

Favorite Pre-Workout Snack: Banana Smoothie (spinach, celery and banana)

Most memorable fitness moment: One of my regular Zumba students expressed she lost 25 pounds because of my class. I was so thrilled for her. She looks amazing!

What inspired you to get into fitness: I wanted to help people live happier and healthier lives.

Favorite post workout snack: Peanut or almond butter with banana.

Best advice for anyone beginning their fitness journey: Getting fit takes time. You have to work hard and be patient. Have a positive mind and you will achieve your goal. I have faith in each and every one of you!

What do you love about working for TFLiving: Everyone at the company has been great! Since I started I’ve been given great opportunities and I’m thankful for that.

Fun fact about you not related to fitness: I love music – especially R & B, rock, contemporary, jazz. I’ve been collecting music since I was a child.

Catherine Rotman