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Instructor Spotlight: Lillian Cuthbert


Lillian Cuthbert

Location where you teach: 


TFLiving classes you teach: 


Favorite pre-workout and/or post workout snack:  

Bananas and yogurt, for both. Sometimes, after a really hard workout, there is nothing better than a frozen fruit pop.

Most memorable fitness moment: 

I have had a few. They all involve when a student becomes aware – really aware, of a pose, how it is supposed to be done, and how their body changes when they are in it. There are certain poses, the most common ones, that people often don’t give the attention they deserve. But sometimes, you get into a pose one day, and you realize, “ohhh”. I love those moments.

What inspired you to want to get into a fitness career? 

I have been doing yoga for years, and I have always wanted to give back, to impart my knowledge to others.

Favorite post-workout stretch: 

Savasana, of course!

Best advice for anyone beginning their fitness journey today: 

Try not to judge yourself too harshly when you begin.

What do you love about working for TFLiving? 

The variety of the students, it is very rewarding to work with such diversity.

Fun fact about you not related to fitness: 

Well, the most interesting fact about me is that I have completed the 7 summits, which means I have stood on the top of the highest mountain on every continent. There are not many women who have done that — definitely less than 100, and I’m probably the shortest among them! I also have a doctorate in electrical engineering, but I don’t think that is as exciting! 

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