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Instructor Spotlight: Chris Collins



Chris Collins

Location where you teach:

DMV-DC, Maryland, Virginia

TFLiving classes you teach: 


Favorite pre-workout and/or post workout snack:  

Before a workout I always enjoy some type of fruit, usually a banana. Post work snacks are usually a protein bar or sometimes something sweet like cookies or brownies (Yoga teaches balance!).

Most memorable fitness moment: 

The first yoga class I took where I gave up my ego worrying about looking silly, and just embraced the class.

What inspired you to want to get into a fitness career? 

My adult life has been in teaching and fitness of one form or another. Helping people find their own fitness lifestyle is truly a gift, and one of the greatest jobs I can imagine.

Favorite post-workout stretch: 


Best advice for anyone beginning their fitness journey today: 

A fitness journey is part of a larger life journey. All you have to do is show up and just like life, fitness happens.

What do you love about working for TFLiving?

The clients have been an absolute joy to get to know and help on their journey. Unlike a large gym we are invited into people’s homes, and it is always an honor.

Fun fact about you not related to fitness: 

I’m a huge Star Wars nerd.

Full Bio:

I am a tenured philosophy professor and coach with over 25 years experience in education and fitness. Along with being a certified yoga instructor, I hold certifications including wellness coach, indoor cycling, and teaching yoga for addiction recovery. My approach to teaching yoga is that it helps us discover or rediscover the joy of finding what feels good for our own bodies while combining the exercise of breath and movement. Yoga is not about being flexible with your body, but also finding the flexibility of mind that allows one’s inner light to shine brightly. Yoga found me in my 40’s and assisted me in seeing the innumerable potentiality within all people, both on and off the mat. Leading a yoga class is one of my greatest treasured honors. When I am not teaching, I spend as much time as possible with my two teenage children and lovely wife, or just cruising around town on my bicycle enjoying our community.

What to expect from my Vinyasa Yoga class: 

Seated Meditation, Warm Up, Surya Namaskara A and B, hip openers, twists, standing asanas, twists, core work, back bends and Savasana 

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