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Instructor Sportlight: Rachel Kutner


Name: Rachel Kutner

Location where you teach: Metro Rahway Apartments in Rahway NJ 

TFLiving classes you teach: Yoga

Favorite pre-workout and/or post workout snack: I teach at 10am , so I usually have coffee or something small before teaching ( fruit, yogurt, sometimes a bar). I like to grab something yummy post class, like avocado toast or a great salad.

Most memorable fitness moment: How much yoga and fitness have helped me both mentally and spiritually. It’s such a powerful tool to a better life.

What inspired you to want to get into a fitness career: I’ve always loved movement- I grew up dancing and my family was into healthy living. I was obsessed with wellness from a very early age.

Best advice for anyone beginning their fitness journey today: Don’t give up on your passion, make sure you stay committed. If you have faith, work hard, and surround yourself with positive people, it makes the journey a lot easier. Commitment is definitely crucial to being successful in this industry. Don’t forget to take care of yourself, too! It’s wonderful to give to others –  but make sure you still take care of YOU!

What do you love about working for TFLiving? I love being able to work with new clients and go to different places. The app makes it pretty easy to manage my bookings.

Fun fact about you: I am very energetic, friendly and love working with people, which actually makes me good at teaching fitness. I love to inspire and motivate

Catherine Rotman