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Pothos plant for purifying air

The Best Low Maintenance Indoor Plants – Including Pet-Friendly House Plants

Plants are an easy way to add an aesthetic appeal to any living space and an element of nature inside the home. However, with our busy lifestyles it's preferable to many to have low maintenance options. Here, we break down a number of great options for indoor plants, for those who have pets and those who don't....

50 Simple Ways to Practice Self-Care and Feel Connected Every Day

Sometimes when you want to build routines into your life, you just have to start small. Setting simple realistic tiny actions you can easily accomplish within a few minutes each day can be the simple change that helps you put action into what you want to achieve. Here are 50 simple ways you can practice self-care and stay connected from...

Enrich Your Life Skills With Countless Affordable and Free Online Classes Available Right Now

If you're fortunate enough to squeeze in the time on an early weekend morning or evening, there's no better time than now to step back and learn something you've always wanted to learn more of, whether for fun or as part of a new career path. In this post, we're sharing some of the top, online platforms that can possibly...