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TFLiving / HIIT

The Most Popular Times of the Week and Day for Group Fitness and Yoga Classes

Whether you are a Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer or Property Manager looking to offer new amenities, you're probably looking for the best ways to make your Group Fitness or Yoga class as engaging as possible. It's impossible to pick a time that suits everyone, but there are definitely days and times of day that are much more likely to yield...

Instructor Spotlight: Henry Rojas

MEET HENRY ROJAS: TFLIVING HIIT, ZUMBA, AND CARDIO INSTRUCTOR Name: Henry Rojas Location where you teach: Philadelphia What TFLiving classes do you teach: I teach HIIT, Zumba and Cardio Group Fitness Classes. What's Your Favorite pre-workout and/or post workout snack: My go- to pre-workout snack is a green apple with peanut butter. What's Your Most memorable fitness moment: My very first fitness class is something I'll always remember. What inspired...