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TFLiving / DogWalking

Dog Training That Actually Works: Why Positive Reinforcement Is the Key to Success

Certified Professional Dog Trainer Lindsay Root of Philly Unleashed shares tips and tricks with our communities in a Dog Training 101 Workshop. In this post, we're recapping highlights from this engaging virtual event, including decompression of new dogs to a home, various approaches to reinforcement training, socialization and general solutions to common behavioral challenges many encounter with their pets....

How the Rental Landscape is Changing in 2020

Technology and on-site amenities take the stage Location, renovations, upgrades, property age, and parking have been classic qualities renters look for when seeking the ideal place to live. But in today’s rental market, the demographics are shifting as are the needs of renters, while different attributes that never played a role in the past are coming to the forefront. A recent...