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TFLiving / Cardio

Cardio Vs. Strength-Training: How Much of Each Exercise Should You Do? Here’s What Experts Say

When it comes to your fitness routine, do you have a healthy mix of aerobic movement and strength exercise? It's easy to get comfortable with one style workout or even a set schedule of a couple different routines during the week. Movement of any sort is a far better alternative to a sedentary lifestyle, but if you are wanting optimal...

Instructor Spotlight: Henry Rojas

MEET HENRY ROJAS: TFLIVING HIIT, ZUMBA, AND CARDIO INSTRUCTOR Name: Henry Rojas Location where you teach: Philadelphia What TFLiving classes do you teach: I teach HIIT, Zumba and Cardio Group Fitness Classes. What's Your Favorite pre-workout and/or post workout snack: My go- to pre-workout snack is a green apple with peanut butter. What's Your Most memorable fitness moment: My very first fitness class is something I'll always remember. What inspired...