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4 Modern Workplace Trends in 2019

Today’s modern workplace is a fluid, casual environment, where work-life balance is championed and, depending on your company culture, some employees may even be spread across the country working from home in their favorite pair of sweatpants.

Employers have found that the old, rigid style of working, reduced efficiency and couldn’t meet new age challenges, like employees collaborating effectively over long distances. The modern workplace environment has a blended the workforce and is becoming more responsive to problems, and less tied down to physical locations. Employees now use modern collaborative software like Skype, Slack, and Google Docs to communicate more effectively with their colleagues around the world in real-time.

Let’s take a look at 4 modern workplace trends and how they are changing the way we work.

Providing a flexible workforce

Employers are becoming more dynamic and improving productivity by hiring from a rich pool of talented remote workers from around the world. Hiring remotely allows companies to find exactly the right fit for them as well as offer a flexible workplace for their employees.

Collaboration, and a lot more of it

Even in today’s digital age, communication and collaboration can be difficult. Using communication platforms like Slack, Google, Trello, etc. teams working in an office and remotely can communicate in real-time and allow for instant collaboration.

Prioritizing Wellness

Utilizing wellness initiatives like activating a gym in your office building, offering fitness classes, private yoga, etc. has been linked to a more productive workplace while showing the investment in employee’s happiness and health.

Greater emphasis on work-life balance

With technology and the ability to always stay connected, there has been a greater pressure for both employees and employers to work, even when the workday is over. The inability to unplug causes employees to feel stressed, overworked, and in return, less productive. That is why more employers are offering flexible schedules and unlimited time off to accommodate doctor appointments, family events, and other personal issues. Instead of focusing on hours, companies are turning their focus on deliverables and outcomes.

Emily Smith