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Refresh Your At-Home Fitness Space Today With These Inspirations

Does your home workout space motivate you to want to get moving? Or does it feel cramped, uninspiring, and awkward? With the trend of at-home virtual fitness here to stay in the foreseeable future, many of us are working out from home more than ever these days. But a lot of us haven’t dedicated the same love and transformation to our home fitness areas, even though fitness should be as much of a priority as how we eat, and making sure we get enough sleep.

t’s also hard in many living situations to find the right spot to set up your at-home fitness space. Unless you are fortunate enough to have a room dedicated to fitness, it can be challenging to find the right area in your home for practicing Yoga, storing or shelving all your fitness gear, and spots that make sense for equipment. There are a lot of unconventional areas you can still make work (with examples of several further below in this post):

  • Your Garage
  • A sunny spot by a window
  • Any extra wide hallway or unused corner by a banister
  • A loft
  • A wall in an office or spare room
  • An extra large walk-in closet
  • A finished basement
  • A covered patio or breezeway

In addition to these offbeat areas you may not have yet considered, here are some home fitness space ideas we love that might set the atmosphere and stir the mood for a more inspiring at-home workout or yoga session.

Yoga Wall Near Window Nook

We love how this wall feels so minimal, yet includes enough room for a Yoga mat, art with mantras, and two extra-large baskets for everything you need to store all your favorite Yoga props.

Yoga Space Inspiration From Manduka

Fitness Space Near Entryway

An entryway is probably not the first spot you would consider for a workout space, but we love how this easy and inviting spot reminds you on the daily to prioritize your routine. A bonus is the Barre installation along the wall!

Entryway Fitness Space Inspiration From

Fitness Wall Organization For The Workout Enthusiast With all the Equipment

This organized wall solution has room for everything from weighted balls, to yoga mats, risers, dumbbells, kettle balls and cleaning supplies, eliminating clutter on your floor or closet. The exercise bike feels adequately placed with all the other fitness gear in easy reach nearby.

Slatwall From Wayfair

An Easy Solution For all Your Fitness Props

If fitness props are starting to feel like clutter but you aren’t into installing a wall, another simple hack is a large chest like this one. The chest is not only functional but decorative, and can double as a window seat.

Yoga Trunk Inspiration From Red Egg

Industrial Fitness Gear Organization

An industrial or metal shelf like this one can be the perfect way to give you all the gym vibes from any corner of your living space. For Yoga enthusiasts with Yoga mats for different occasions, we also dig this wall mounted sectional Yoga mat and foam roller rack.

Organizational Racks Like This From

Backyard Patio Yoga Zen Den

A breezeway, covered deck, or patio can be the perfect sanctuary for outdoor Yoga if you are fortunate to live somewhere in a more temperate climate. This space blends the cozy comforts of home with the outdoors.

At-Home Yoga Space Inspiration From The Journey Junkie

At-Home Fitness Corner Inspiration

This clean fitness corner is minimal but still manages to be a home to all the essentials; from a basic riser to yoga mats, headphones and resistance bands, a basket for towels and a locker cabinet to conceal unwanted clutter. A drape separating the seating area from the fitness corner is the perfect transition for the two very different spaces.

Fitness Hook Board and Inspiration From Ikea

Discreet At-Home Fitness Space on a Budget

If it weren’t for the exercise ball, we almost didn’t notice this was a designated workout area. White stackable cubes allow a way to personalize the space and fill it with a mix of motivational reminders and souvenirs along with essential fitness gear.

Fitness Corner Inspiration From

Cozy and Relaxing Fitness Corner

We love how this area still feels cozy and inviting even with the workout bike. If your fitness space is in the bedroom, this setup can provide an easy source of inspiration to soften the area and make it more inviting. Adding some plants on a nearby windowsill or shelf with a few cozy blankets beside your Yoga mat makes an easy prompt to roll out of bed and get right into the groove or wind down before sleep.

Home Workout Space Inspiration From Mr. Kate

Mini at-home fitness room

This at-home gym can recreated if you can spare a sectioned off area or large closet in your home. Can you downsize items from a large walk-in closet or fix up a spot in your basement? Any underutilized space can quickly be converted to this small, but efficient area that has everything you need to stay on track.

At-Home Fitness Room Inspiration From

At-Home Converted Fitness Garage Space

If you have a section of your garage that is underutilized, consider this space for your at-home gym conversion. Eccentric wallpaper, a painted ceiling with some extra uplighting, and a chandelier or light fixture with some character will have you forgetting that you aren’t actually in a professional Yoga studio or fitness class.

At-Home Garage Converted Fitness Room Inspiration From

Catherine Rotman