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What to Expect From a Virtual Barre Class

While Yoga, Bootcamp and Stretch and Tone are some of our most popular virtual fitness classes, we wanted to shed the spotlight on Virtual Barre Class. Barre can be a really unique and engaging workout that is a favorite for those who are familiar with it. But if you’ve never tried an in person Barre class, or even if you have, you may still be wondering how to enjoy this fitness fave from your own home without the standard Barre setup that is in a typical studio.

What a Virtual Barre Class is Like

We reached out to one of our leading Talent Members, Janelle Mistarz, who is a certified Personal Trainer, virtual and in-person Group Fitness Instructor with TFLiving. She also does 1:1 Coaching and additional online group exercise classes. Here’s what she had to say about what first time virtual Barre attendees might expect:

“Barre is a full body, low-impact, and high-energy workout where you will move to the beat of the music. It combines traditional strength-training with Pilates, Yoga, & ballet movements. All Barre classes typically start with a warm-up to elevate the heart rate, and a warm-up of the spine and core muscles.”

She went on to elaborate the types of movements in greater detail, (and rest assured, that you don’t need an actual Barre or even a prop to enjoy this routine from home).

“You can expect both standing exercises like squats, lunges, & wide 2nd position & floor work such as planks, push-ups, mountain climbers, & tricep dips. There is typically a period of time dedicated to abdominal engagement and strength in both flat back, c-spine and glutes areas, with focus on all three parts of your glutes (maximus, minimus, and medius). These movements can be done on all 4s on the floor, or at a Barre or prop if you have one available”.

Why a Barre Workout is Effective

Barre classes are so effective, because they challenge you by isolating muscle groups when you hold positions steady for 1-2 minutes with varying tempos of the movement. A mixture of fast and slow tempos and paired with static and dynamic movements helps to accomplish this.

The routine is usually a very adaptable format of class which allows it to be accessible to all levels of fitness, even if you’re just starting out or completely new. Whether you want to work on your flexibility, cross train, or strengthen your core muscles, a Barre class has something for everyone.

What to Bring to Virtual Barre Class

Janelle also shares tips with us to help you feel comfortable and prepared if you are wanting to try Barre for the first time.

“For your first Barre class, I would recommend wearing comfortable athletic clothes that aren’t too baggy. Yoga pants/leggings along with a tank top/fitted t-shirt are best. You want to be able to move around, so stretchy clothes are best. I recommend wearing sticky socks as well. There are yoga or pilates socks with grips on the bottom that come in both traditional sock form or toe-less. I recommend the brand Great Soles”.

In terms of equipment or props that can help you from home, she says “Always bring something that you can balance with such as a chair, trampoline, or if have access to a countertop that you can use, I’d recommend that for the balance segments of the routine. This class can be done with all bodyweight, but as you progress, props such as hand weights, ankle weights, bands, & 9″ Pilates ball can further benefit you. The goal in a Barre class is to lengthen & strengthen your muscles for long lean muscles so these types of props and weights can help.”

Top Benefits of a Barre Class

In addition to Barre being a fun an engaging workout, you can expect a wide range of benefits. While there are countless invaluable gains you can enjoy, here’s some of the top 10 perks you can expect in time if you build a Barre Class into your weekly workout routine.

  1. It’s low impact but high energy with dynamic, small-range movements, making it a great exercise for all levels.
  2. It specifically targets and tightens the muscles of the glutes, waistline and core area, which can which can help alleviate pressure and pain in the back, hips and knees
  3. Because this workout is very core-focused, it also improves alignment of the spine and posture.
  4. It increases overall strength and muscle endurance.
  5. It improves flexibility through movements that lengthen the muscles.
  6. It’s a stimulating way to reduce anxiety and stress.
  7. Similarly to Pilates and Yoga, Barre increases mental focus and concentration through required duration of holding poses steady for extended time periods.
  8. It gives you a total body workout.
  9. It actually prolongs calorie burn.
  10. It’s a unique, fun way to workout!

We’re proud to have Barre as one of our staple virtual fitness classes across all our TFLiving communities! To find out more on how to get your community access to live virtual fitness classes including Barre, contact us today!

Catherine Rotman