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My Journey and Farewell as CEO From TFLiving

As we enter 2021, it’s time to reflect on a new era for both TFLiving and me personally. For the past five years, I have been the Founder and CEO of TFLiving, and I am excited to announce that I will be moving on to my next venture. As many of you know, in January of 2020, we brought in Jason Deppen to be our COO. Over the last year, Jason has proven to be the leader that we knew he would be, and I am proud to announce that my coworker and friend has been promoted to TFLiving’s President and COO. Jason has helped navigate the company through the COVID-19 pandemic and the many challenges it created and has put in policies and procedures to ensure the company’s success as it continues to scale. I could not be more excited to see what lies ahead in TFLiving’s next chapter.

When I started TFLiving (then Transformation Fitness), it was an amenity services company with a singular mission: to ensure that individuals residing in all asset classes of residential buildings would have access to the same experiences and services. At the time, technology was among the furthest things from my mind. Five years later, it’s still difficult for me to imagine that we grew up to be one of the nation’s largest tech-enabled amenity providers across the real estate industry. After digging in with one of the executives for an ownership group at that time, and now TFLiving Board Member Brady Nolan, I realized how badly our product was needed in the industry and the role technology could play in helping us to scale.

The company’s first two years were filled with trial and error, long drives to customers, and late nights. Over time, we went from a business-to-business platform to a technology company that is geared toward helping owners/managers understand their renters and enhance the resident experience, help lease-up communities, and increase resident retention. This expansion enabled TFLiving to become the national market leader and has positioned us to actually expand during the pandemic. We are currently partnered with 200,000 units, in 40 states, with the who’s who of the institutional real estate world.

The pandemic has led to yet again another platform expansion for the company. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. We had to figure out a way to engage residents virtually and not just in-person.  Jason, myself, and the team put our heads together to come up with a virtual solution that not only encompasses the company’s mission of being affordable to all asset classes but allows residents to engage with their amenities, not just in their physical amenity centers. This led to the creation of our on-demand amenity service, TFLiving Connect, and our entire virtual suite of virtual offerings. We built out a product that allows residents of our communities to engage in amenity programming while traveling for work, in the community’s gym, or while visiting family. 

The company has now fully committed to this hybrid services model, and the market has responded as our clients look to meet their residents’ evolving comfort levels and social distancing requirements during the pandemic. Our clients and prospective clients expect the needs for this model to be lasting, indicating this shift is more critical than ever to both the multifamily sector and the broader real estate industry.

With this said, I am thrilled to pass the torch over to Jason as our new President and COO.  Jason, who spent 10+ years before TFLiving at StubHub running its on-site operations, is uniquely qualified to lead the company into this next leg of its journey.

As Founder, I’ll continue to be the biggest supporter and fan of the company. I know that Jason and the entire team will continue to innovate and remain the market leader.

On the right, Devin Wirt and on the left, Jason Deppen during their first work-lunch meeting welcoming Jason Deppen to the team

On a personal note, as an adult who grew up in a blue-collar family, I am proud and humbled to have had the opportunities this company has allowed me, create experiences that I feel all people should have, and most importantly, build life-long relationships. From our team members, partners, investors, clients, mentors, and competitors, I thank you for helping me constantly learn and grow. I will forever be thankful, and I look forward to repaying this in my future endeavors. 

TFLiving was founded to impact the masses and know that’s exactly what it will do.


Devin Wirt,


TFLiving Team