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DIY Wreath Making Step-By-Step: A Virtual Event Highlight

A fun and interactive live virtual event we’ve hosted for several of our communities has been a DIY Wreath Making class to help residents and tenants style and craft their very own Holiday wreaths! Wreaths are not only fun to make, but can also opt as the perfect handmade, unique gift.

We’re recapping everything you need to enjoy this fun and festive event from home, including steps for how you can create your very own wreath arrangement customized with your favorite selections. The same general outline and steps here can be used with other accent and greenery variations for other seasons as well!

Essential Materials Needed:

  • grapevine wreath base, or pre-assembled bare wreath. Sizes can range anywhere from 16″ for a smaller wreath or 24″ for a full-size wreath for a door. For grapevine bases, you can use a smaller diameter base over top a larger, second grapevine base for a fuller look or thicker diameter wreath.
  • If you are working with a grapevine or wire wreath base, gather several 4-6 inch branches of your favorite greenery or foliage. Ideas include fir, eucalyptus, spruce, cedar, sage, moss, berries, boxwood, juniper, lavender and moss. If you have a wire wreath base, you will need significantly more greenery than if you are working with a grapevine wreath base, but it’s up to your discretion to gauge.
  • at least 10-12 pieces of florist’s wire, or a pack of paddle wire (22 gauge works best)
  • wire cutters or sturdy pruners
  • glue gun for accent pieces you wish to hold together

Decorative Materials:

  • ribbon, burlap and/or garland (if preferred for bows or wraparound)
  • decorative accessories of your preference including items such as shells, starfish, ornaments, pine cones, dried or faux accent flower stems, sticks or sea glass

Instructions for Assembling Wreath Base:

Step 1: (If you are working with a bare pre-assembled wreath, skip ahead to ‘Instructions for Assembling Wreath Base’ – Step 4) If you are working with a wire wreath base or a grapevine wreath, begin by attaching the end of your wire to a section of your frame. Leave it attached and do not snip it, as you will use this to wrap bundles and sections of greenery around the entire frame before adding accent pieces.

Step 2: Begin assembling larger bunches or hearty fist-sized “bouquets” of your greenery. Starting anywhere on the base, begin to secure your larger bunches along the base frame of the wreath by threading your wire through the frame, wrapping each bunch to the wire about 3-5 times. As you start to secure bunches along the base of the frame, give them a gentle tug to be sure they are secured.

Step 3: Start to layer smaller bunches of greenery over top the bottom layers, moving in the same outward direction as you work around the frame/base of the wreath until it is fully covered. Now you can finally clip and secure the end of the wire with your wire cutters or pruners, but be sure to tuck the end of the wire toward the greenery so it doesn’t scratch your door or wall.


*Keep in mind that your wreath may lose pieces over time, so it’s good to build it a little thicker especially around the base/bottom layers of greenery.

*If you are working with a grapevine base, simply stick the wire through the grapevine and twist.

*Before moving on to your accent pieces, step back and look at your base from a distance, making sure that it’s the formation, depth and thickness you are hoping for.

*If you find that you have pieces that are too long or too full, clip them, and if you have pieces that aren’t as full, try fluffing them.

Instructions for Adding Wreath Accents:

Step 4: If you opt into using a bow, you can secure this as well with wire past the layers of greenery and from the base of the frame. Common bow positions are 12 o’clock, 4 o’clock or 10 o’clock. Learn how to make the perfect bow here. If you prefer to have ribbon as your hanger for the wreath, you can secure it behind the greenery on the back of the frame base, long enough to hang from your door.

Step 5: Add final accent pieces including shells, starfish, ornaments, or pinecones by cutting long strips of wire, folding them in half, then wrapping them around a suitable center (such as a starfish center, an ornament cap, or a pinecone stem). Do this for each accent piece so that it is attached with two “legs” of wire coming down. If you are using flower stems, you can usually just weave them in between layers and may not need to secure with wire, depending on the length of the stem. Attach various accents in random intervals across your wreath by wrapping the two wire legs descending from each accent through the greenery and to the back of the wreath with a few twists.

Step 6: Admire your work and creativity and hang your creation in a special spot!

We hope you enjoy this wreath making recap! If you followed along and tried your own wreath at home, tag us at @tfliving for review and we will share your results!

Additional Wreath Making Resources:

Catherine Rotman