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Boost Resident Engagement With These Innovative Strategies

For Property Managers, your time is limited and valuable, with a priority of keeping your residents and tenants happy. Creating an environment that fosters a sense of community and invites people to connect is a sure way to build a foundation for a place to call ‘home’. Having a fitness center and a friendly greeter in your lobby is a start – but cultivating an atmosphere with a time, place and purpose where people can come together and create a bond over a common leisure or wellness activity is a necessary part of a successful formula when considering your resident engagement strategy.

We’ve compiled some of our favorite ways we work with communities to boost engagement with their residents and tenants and create lasting memories and relationships.

Host an on-site group fitness class

Having a selection of different group fitness classes right on-site gives your residents an easy incentive to stay healthy and make the most of your gym or fitness center. If your fitness amenities space is sitting idle, bringing in a certified fitness instructor for a Yoga, Bootcamp, HIIT or Zumba class is an easy way to boost presence and provide a variety of fitness offerings for all levels. For something a little more unique, a Black Light Yoga Class or Yoga and Mimosas can be a fun way to switch up a traditional group fitness class and offer something a step above the ordinary. For properties who are missing an amenities space, transforming an underutilized rooftop, courtyard or indoor meeting space can be an innovative way to make a more productive use of your building. In all of our communities, TFLiving takes the effort off Property Managers by handling the staffing and coordinating of group fitness classes at your amenity center with dates and times that work with your residents and tenant’s needs.

Provide Social Events for Every Season and Demographic

Every season brings a reason to celebrate, and there are countless fun and unique social events you can host on-site or virtually to keep your residents connected and engaged. During the holidays, a Mixology Night can be an opportunity to share concoctions like a cranberry apple cider, hot buttered rum or Fall-inspired mulled wine. A Spring-cleaning inspired Marie Kondo theme party, or Ravioli cooking class are just a couple enjoyable ways we’ve helped residents come together for entertainment. For properties with pets, an on-site event such as a ‘Yappy Hour’ has been a hit for dog owners which include activities like pet photo contests, training tips and tricks, and a pet raffle. Trivia is another very favorable way for communities to come together and put their history and pop-culture knowledge to the ultimate test.

Whatever preferences and interests match your community, our team handles everything from coordinating and arranging the event details and hosting, down to sharing all the info your residents need to know to attend these fun events and celebrations.

Go Virtual for On-Demand Access

With the onset of the 2020 pandemic, a virtual amenities shift was a necessary move for properties to provide the same value to their communities while keep residents and tenants engaged and safe during a time where everyone was at home and needed connection more than ever. While on-site amenities such as group fitness have slowly emerged back into the scene with proper safety precautions, we’ve found that a hybrid mix of both on-site and virtual amenities in multifamily communities is here to stay. Through an array of live online workouts and group fitness classes including Bodyweight Bootcamp, Yoga, Barre and Stretch & Tone, as well as monthly events like Bingo, Floral Arrangement Making, Paint & Wine Tutorials and Cooking Demos, virtual amenities have proven to be a successful strategy to boost resident engagement.

Stay Connected and Promote Your Amenities and Events Through Social Media

Your residents and tenants live on their phones, so naturally a great way to reach them is through social networking sites. Encourage people to follow your community through all the social platforms you’re involved in as a tool to keep them up-to-date on property updates, news and upcoming events. As a bonus, when you’re partnered with TFLiving, our team regularly provides fresh social media templates to take the work out of crafting a message and a design to share your community’s updates.

Connect on an app for your community

In addition to social media and your property’s website, an app is a great place to unite your community under one common platform. The TFLiving mobile app allows residents and tenants access to their community’s offerings including group fitness and events, as well as direct links to our health and wellness blog and social media where we provide more great content to supplement an active and connected lifestyle. From the app, residents and tenants are provided a location code unique to their property and can preview and book a class or event and keep track of everything coming up.

For more information on having on-site or virtual group fitness and events in your community, feel free to reach out through our contact page today!

Catherine Rotman