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Beyond 2020, Accessible Virtual Amenities Will Continue to Play an Increased Role in Our Lives

It’s been over six months since the COVID-19 pandemic began to kick into high gear and yet, many changes we’ve seen across industries worldwide are proving that they aren’t temporary, they’re here to stay. In a recent publication by Propmodo, TFLiving is featured with other industry leaders in a common discussion that’s taking place more often around the need for business leaders and managers to keep up with demand of convenience and personalization to each of their respective markets now more than ever.

We’ve already seen a shift in everything from remote work, travel, the uptick in food and package delivery, our consumption habits, the increase in virtual connectivity as just a few changes. But now that we’ve adapted this way to life, we’re becoming more accustomed to these transitions, and fully adapting them as our new way of life rather than leaving them behind as a temporary resolution to our evolving needs.

It’s no longer just about the Coronavirus, and more so, the demand for greater accessibility of lifestyle services has always been there. The current climate has created a perfect acceleration for competition in a market such as multifamily amenities, still newer to the table, which helps property managers provide the extra level of value to stay more relative and personal than their alternative counterparts. Across many industries, the coronavirus advanced the inevitable shift that was staged to eventually come as people have already become well acclimated to more accessible services at the door from major players like Lyft, Uber, Grubhub, InstaCart and Amazon Prime.

Consider all the services that only 15 years ago may have been just a thought, that are a norm today. From 2-day delivered packages from anywhere in the nation, to restaurant plates at your door, renting a private home on-demand through Air B&B, to streaming platforms such as Netflix that have transformed the movie and television industries. Over time, as we become spoiled with an abundance of accessible services at our fingertips, the scope of services included is sure to transcend to almost every industry.

Additional Lifestyle Amenities Entering The Scene

Most people are well acquainted with the idea of grocery and food delivery and packages at their door, but we’re seeing an inclusion of all types of other services becoming more of a need to accommodate our transient and busy lifestyles. Services from multifamily amenities leaders are beginning to include on-demand laundry services and personal butlers to assist in errands for you, as well as other in-home services such as pet care, personal cleaners, and tools to make working from home even easier such as printing services. For TFLiving, the focus of multifamily amenities revolves around creating wellness and lifestyle experiences to keep residents connected through virtual and on-site fitness classes and monthly social events. The offering of an abundance of digital amenities allows communities to stay connected regardless of their circumstance, and providing alternate options to Property Managers during a time when on-site fitness centers are in a sensitive position.

A Scenario Where Everyone Benefits

By making lifestyle and in-home services and experiences more accessible, Property Managers are able to provide a greater value to their residents by creating an environment that isn’t just a place where they live, it’s a home. Cultivating a setting that links positive experiences and dedicates that extra level of service in the current climate is a sure way to stay ahead of competition in the real estate market and leave a more powerful mark on the decision whether or not to renew a lease.

Equally so, corporate properties can benefit from adding lifestyle and amenity programming to their workplace benefits as a way to retain employees longer and reduce churn and costs in the long run. In a setting where remote work is more normal than ever, companies may soon feel a greater challenge to keep employees as the threat of the pandemic diminishes in time, and remote work remains a newly adapted way of life for many.

As for residents and tenants, the demand for personalized services at home will continue to be there as other leaders in other industries already capitalizing on convenience continue to integrate greater accessibility, automation, and personalization into everyone’s lives.

The Role of Technology in the Amenities Race

Without technology, the multifamily amenities niche like most others would be in a different place. Through the unique technology and applications that have been created to each service, people are able to log in and schedule or access these services and experiences from the comfort of anywhere. With the rise in virtual services through the pandemic, the need for technology to keep up with the pace and adapt has only accelerated what is possible and inevitable. Virtual amenities and services will continue to become a more normal part of our every day lives as we advance side by side with the technology that compliments it.

Catherine Rotman