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TFLiving’s Journey Through COVID, and Changes to The Multifamily Amenities Industry

COVID-19 has left no business, person or industry untouched, and in the niche of multifamily amenities, the impacts have been no different. With widespread shutdown of fitness spaces and social events, amenities providers needed a rapid transformation of their offerings with solutions that offered safety and alternatives to people at home. As many pivots place a lot of recreational and fitness companies in the same position, differentiation and personalization are more crucial than ever in the arena of virtual amenities. Here, we highlight the steps of our journey through the unfolding of COVID-19, including changes we made, how we are continuing to meet communities needs while keeping them safe, as well as hints of the future in the multifamily amenities industry.

Inside TFLiving’s Journey Through COVID

Immediately following the onset of the pandemic, we knew we needed to shift quickly to virtual solutions that offered our communities the same value. Within a matter of less than 2 weeks, we launched TFLiving Connect, an on-demand fitness and entertainment channel accessible directly from our app to all of our properties and our partners. In order to add diversity to this offering and personalization to property’s unique demographics and needs, we offered a schedule of fitness classes to meet all levels and abilities, and supplemented with live events including Mixology, Cooking Demonstrations and Team Trivia nights. We’ve strengthened our communication more so than ever to ensure we can continue to deliver the amenities communities need, at a time when people are home more than ever and can value from these services.

Hybrid Services and Re-Entry Protocols

As every community is at a different stage of re-entry, we continue to work with each property one-on-one to implement a hybrid approach of virtual and on-site services revolving around needs. A four-week launch process is allocated to offer a personalized and safe path forward. For those communities that are ready for on-site fitness class re-entry, a thorough approach is met with talent instructors and properties to ensure local and state guidelines are met with the safety of everyone as our number one priority. We continue to provide these updates in real-time directly accessible from our website.

As part of our safety measures, we include a 3rd party COVID-19 Safety Training Certification for all our talent instructors, limit class sizes and request reservations through our mobile app to monitor class capacities ahead of time, continually update hygiene protocols and safety standards in line with the CDC guidelines including masks to and from standing placements, deep sanitation, and restriction of shared equipment. In addition we’ve held fitness classes outdoors wherever possible.

Communication is Key

Our hybrid approach allows us to adapt to the needs of each of our communities and flip a switch between on-site and virtual at a moment’s notice for each property. We will continue to regularly engage in feedback from both our Property Managers and our Talent Providers for both virtual and on-site services. For our residents, a mix of text messages, push notifications and in app messages, emails and social media will help us effectively reach all of our communities with information around our safety guidelines and updated amenity offerings. On our website, we have included an updated letter from our CEO on our most recent implementations we’ve made.

The Future of Multifamily Amenities in a Post-COVID World

We covered an inside look at a webinar a couple months back that took a close examination at how the pandemic had already affected and implicated changes and trends for the future of multifamily amenity industry. As time continues to unfold, we hold onto many of the same findings from just a couple months back. In addition to increased sanitation, alternative conversion of amenity spaces, different approaches to deliveries, social events and at-home work lifestyles, we anticipate that the inclusion of virtual amenities will remain. With the added pressure of offering a greater scope of services and adapting quickly, industry leaders must also be sure to remember that aside from having differentiation with so many others in the same realm, at the end of the day, we’re here to provide for people and the level of high quality service should be consistent throughout every effort.

By offering communities a variety of fitness offerings in addition to traditional workouts such as Yoga and Bootcamp, our offering extends to include classes from Barre, to Cardio Kickboxing, Stretch & Tone and even Meditation. With a healthy mix of live social events including Mixology nights and Trivia, communities are able to engage with a wide range of activities and wellness services that allow safe and flexible alternatives during a time when people are spending more time close to home. For property managers who are always spread thin, this easy to deploy amenities solution enables them to continue to be more relevant than ever so their tenants and residents will continue to remember the value that was provided in their residential or corporate environment for time to come.

To preview our entire COVID-19 Safety Playbook, check it out here.

Catherine Rotman