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Highlights From Our Talent Team’s Most Memorable Client Stories

This past June, we challenged our Talent Team to share with us some of their most memorable, favorite client stories that stuck with them as part of our #TFLclientstorychallenge. Some of the responses we received were so inspiring, we hope you appreciate them as much as we did.

Linus Bolden, TFLiving Personal Trainer, NJ

“I became a ‘master’ trainer at a gym I once worked at, and with that status, I encountered an additional amount of clients. I remember designing a weight loss contest that motivated each participant compete against themselves and it was a success. Later on in 2009 when the recession hit, my gym closed down and I was force to open up my own business with the clientele I grew while working at the gym. While I was promoting my business outside a healthy lifestyle store, one of the participants who entered my weight loss contest stopped at my table and said ‘Is your name Linus Bolden?’ I responded yes, and she said ‘YOU CHANGED MY LIFE.’ She when on to say,

‘After I lost weight in your contest, it proved to me I can do anything. Since then, I finished school and opened up my own business’

I could’ve pack up my things for the day because my heart was so filled with Joy. I will never forget that moment.”

Gail Pellechio, TFLiving Yoga Instructor, PA

“I was teaching chair yoga class on Zoom one day, when a technical difficulty became an instantaneous moment of joy! I could not get my audio to turn on no matter what I tried to do!!! My one dedicated yogi and I could see each other, and I could hear her. I sent her a message that said, “I can’t get my audio to work, is it okay if you join me without it?”! She laughed and said yes!

We practiced yoga together without sound, and had a blast!

What a wonderful connection to share! The human spirit can always shine through!”

Joanne Tebaldi, TFLiving Yoga Instructor, FL

“I’ve taught Middle Eastern Belly Dance for over 30 years and there is one story that keeps coming back to me. I had been teaching a two month series and at the end, one woman hung behind wanting to talk. I still get tears in my eyes remembering. She said to me:

‘I didn’t know that I would end up liking myself.’

I learned over the years that the dance does that. It is a woman’s dance of very natural movements using the whole body. And the thing that excites me most about teaching is watching women grow with the dance. For that moment when it clicks in, and she discovers that personal connection. and when concentration lets go and feeling takes over. That is the joy of teaching this dance for me.”

What’s Your Story?

Do you have a story you’d love to share that has inspired you in your fitness career? If so, share it with us @tfliving!

Catherine Rotman