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Getting Back to On-Site Fitness Safely

As our on-site fitness classes and amenity spaces begin to re-open across the country in the coming months, we have dedicated our efforts to the safety of our communities against the spread of COVID-19. It’s important to remember that while we all enjoy the benefits unique to working out in a personal group setting, we want to maintain the very reason we work out in the first place, our health.

Adaptations within our communities

We are always assisting communities by providing ways to enhance value for residents and tenants. Bringing fitness to unconventional spaces is important now more than ever, in effort to accommodate groups while meeting the guidelines of social distancing. Rooftops are commonly excluded as usable space, but depending on the setup, can be quickly converted as an alternate area to workout with easy, safe distancing.

When alternate spaces such as rooftops are not an option, another way to maintain social distancing is by placing restrictions on class sizes. With the ability of our communities to book a class in advance through the mobile app, arrangements can be made to track expected attendance and allow accommodations to be made in advance if capacity reaches the limit. In situations where class sizes are too large to accommodate safe distancing, a hybrid solution of virtual fitness and live classes can be a great amenity solution.

In addition to class size limitations, by restricting use of shared equipment and engaging in more body-weight style group fitness classes, community centers can help against the spread of COVID-19.

How our Talent Team is practicing COVID safety

The greatest initiative we have taken for the safety of our Talent and our communities, is a mandated COVID-19 safety training and certification for all our on-site fitness instructors through Through a series of several brief, detailed quizzes executed over several days, our Talent Team members respond via SMS with their responses to correct protocol around preventing the spread of COVID-19.

How to enjoy fitness safely while following proper COVID-19 Guidelines

In addition to our Talent Team doing their part to keep communities safe and within CDC Guidelines, we are also enforcing the following practices for all our on-site classes and recommend the same to anyone looking to pick back up their on-site fitness regemine:

  • If you are displaying any sign of COVID-19 symptoms, to refrain from attending an on-site fitness class
  • Register ahead of time for your fitness class on the TFLiving mobile app to be sure that occupancy does not exceed the safety requirements to allow for social distancing
  • Wash hands prior to arrival
  • Bring your own mats and towels
  • Wear a mask when entering and exiting class (removing once 6 foot social distance established)

Virtual Fitness Amenity Solutions as an Alternative

If the idea of on-site fitness is something you still don’t feel comfortable with, or you have a compromised immune system, virtual fitness can be a great solution to allow you to enjoy all the same benefits as you would in an on-site group fitness class. Through our TFLiving Connect program on our mobile app, we’ve shared a large variety of on-demand fitness and events for our community members to access anytime and anywhere. From Yoga to Chair Yoga, Bodyweight Bootcamp, Tabata, meditation, lightweight workouts, activities for kids, mixology tutorials, nutritional advice and healthy recipes, there’s a long list of health and wellness content to enjoy on repeat for the time being.

If you don’t have TFLiving in your community but are interested in enjoying accessible on-site or virtual amenities where you live, feel free to reach out on through the contact form at the bottom of our Residents page and let us know!

Catherine Rotman