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50 Simple Ways to Practice Self-Care and Feel Connected Every Day

Sometimes when you want to build routines into your life, you just have to start small. One of the easiest ways to make goals happen more realistically is by setting bite-sized pieces even if it’s just a few minutes each day and stop trying to do so much at once. Here are 50 simple ways you can practice self-care and stay physically and mentally healthy and connected with friends and family from any anywhere.

  1. Create a gratitude list and add something you are thankful for to it each day
  2. Find a quiet spot to meditate, even if just for 5 minutes
  3. Go on a brisk ten minute power walk after lunch
  4. Try a TFLiving Connect Workout from the TFLiving mobile app
  5. Challenge yourself to drink 10 glasses of water throughout the day
  6. Do some simple yoga stretches before bed, or virtually through the TFLiving mobile app
  7. Cuddle with a pet
  8. Organize a virtual Book Club
  9. Start a recipe book with your favorite healthy meals that you can build on each week like the TFLiving Quarantine Cookbook Challenge and see how creative you can get with inspiration from your favorite cooking contest shows
  10. Organize a virtual Mixology Evening with friends or family and choose a host (or yourself) to share a favorite unique cocktail of the season
  11. Look for new inspiration in your home and stay clean and organized with some of our favorite Spring Cleaning inspirations
  12. Put your phone on airplane mode for a full 24 hours to take a break once in awhile
  13. Think of a reasonable goal you would like to accomplish or have had on your mind for awhile, and make a timeline for accomplishing it by breaking down one small task a week to get to the finish line
  14. Start a journal to write down some of your biggest concerns or fears and work out rationale for working through it: What is truly the worst case scenario and even then, consider how you can adapt and move on. Many times our fears never come to fruition but instead stall our personal progress
  15. Start an accountability group with your friends to make sure everyone stays on top of their fitness goals through group workouts or weekly fitness challenges
  16. Designate a virtual or in-person meetup with a group of your closest friends or family members dedicated to sharing the funniest and most favorite stories you have of each other
  17. Make yourself a healthy breakfast, including one of our recommended breakfast smoothies
  18. Think about something you truly love to do or are good at and find a few moments to practice or enjoy it today
  19. Have an at-home spa day and indulge in something relaxing like a DIY mask or an epsom salt bath soak to relax sore muscles
  20. Book a massage for yourself (guilt-free)
  21. Check out one of several amazing virtual tours available online
  22. Make a point to set aside a couple hours on the weekend in the morning and try an online course in a subject you may have always wanted to try
  23. Think of your favorite dishes at your favorite restaurant and try to recreate it at home (also great for a date-night)
  24. Write an old-fashioned letter to someone you miss or thank you card to someone who should hear it to send in the mail
  25. Go to bed a little earlier to allow yourself some extra sleep
  26. Make a list of some of the most beautiful things in your surroundings, on your commute to work, or in general that you recently saw or heard about
  27. Make a point to share with people the qualities you appreciate about them when they least expect it
  28. Enjoy an afternoon herbal tea to boost your metabolism or help with inflammation, such as green tea, chamomile or ginger tea
  29. Celebrate something you have accomplished, no matter how big (even if it’s been awhile!)
  30. Arrange a virtual trivia night with a group of friends, family or neighbors
  31. Try a new workout routine through the TFLiving mobile app
  32. Take a vacation (even if it’s a stay-cation)
  33. Book a personal day for yourself
  34. Start a meal prepping plan for the following work week
  35. Pick a self-affirmation or mantra for your day and practice it all week long
  36. Spend some time outdoors with your pet to be sure they are getting adequate exercise as well
  37. Start an at-home herbal garden
  38. De-clutter and donate your old belongings to someone in need or an organization such as The Salvation Army
  39. If you are feeling overwhelmed, remember you aren’t superhuman. Stop trying to do it all and instead focus on your biggest 2 priorities while setting aside some time just one day a week to focus on some smaller goals
  40. Read up on foods that cause inflammation, and alternative options you can replace them with for better health
  41. Take the stairs whenever you can
  42. Practice some simple breathing exercises
  43. Get out of your comfort zone by thinking of something that intimidates you – and make a plan of how you can challenge yourself against it
  44. Work on your posture with one of these 11 posture-improving Yoga poses
  45. Think of three things you love about yourself and write them down to access on another day when you aren’t feeling as great
  46. Turn on your favorite music and dance, (or take a Zumba class!)
  47. Spend some time out in the sunshine
  48. Spruce up your resume and brush up on your best interview tactics with these tips
  49. Try a new pre-or post workout snack
  50. Put yourself first – Learn to say ‘No’ to the things that you sometimes may feel obligated to do that might not be serving the greatest purpose for your time or well-being

Catherine Rotman