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Enrich Your Life Skills With Countless Affordable and Free Online Classes Available Right Now

In the past couple months, as millions have been displacement from their jobs, others may be working more than usual as they work to pivot operations in their workplace to provide new, more relevant value. For those who have the extra time, or even those who are in need of some new inspiration to pivot their business, it can be a beneficial time learning. Whether its a boost to education, addition of new skills, or perhaps learning a new craft, an online learning environment is a great option. Fortunately, many virtual classes are being offered at uniquely low introductory rates right now, and some even for free.

If you’re fortunate enough to squeeze in the time on an early weekend morning or evening, or in between breaks during the day, we’re sharing some of the most popular online platforms that can possibly help you navigate into a better future with an array of class offerings.


Udemy offers an expansive library of 100,000 online learning courses in Business, Technology, Marketing, Photography, Design, IT and Software Development, and Personal Development. If you ever wanted to learn how to grow a YouTube Channel, Radiate Confidence, or take professional family photos, there is truly something for everyone. Businesses can buy-in and provide their employees access to at least 4,000 courses at any given time, and you have the option of learning on your own schedule, without an expiration date.


Coursera offers courses, certificates and degrees from world-class universities online, currently with the option to join for free. Stream video lectures including Business, Language, Data Science, Computer Science, Education, Machine Learning, and even Well-Being. Go at your own pace with quizzes and hands-on projects to keep you engaged. This particular course in The Science of Well-Being hosted by professor Laurie Santos from Yale University discusses and informs on misconceptions of happiness, habits that implicate positive ways of thought, and behaviors to correct it.


For all the music lovers who wish to bring their dreams of playing guitar to life, Fender has recently extended the opportunity to learn guitar for your first 3 months free. You can select songs of your choice to learn how to play, and access videos from any device.


Skillshare specializes in creative classes for artists, freelancers, designers and photographers, but also includes many other categories from culinary to health and wellness, technology such as game design, product and mobile application development, and business courses including Marketing, Leadership and Entrepreneurship. They offer your first 2 months free, and after that is is an annual membership for the premium service, so it gives you some time to get a bit of learning under your belt at no cost with the chance to continue if you’d like.


Udacity offers courses for those really looking to accelerate or prepare for a new career path. As we look towards a different future post COVID-19, it can be a perfect time to consider skillsets or areas of interest that are very relevant to the direction a lot of businesses are going. Udacity specializes in course offerings for areas that are sure to be in-demand for the future more than ever: Data Scientists and Data Analysts, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing and Autonomous Systems and Programming. They offer 24/7 mentors, project-based learning, and self-paced learning from 10 hours a week.

Catherine Rotman