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10 Spring Cleaning Inspirations That Will Motivate You Today

For those of you spending a lot more time at home these days, you may be re-thinking your arrangements around the house, from paint colors, to furniture placements, and pictures that might need a fresh spotlight or a good dust-off. By now, you might have already tackled re-organizing a closet or a junk drawer, but for all the time you spend at home, giving your space a re-vamp can stimulate new motivation, make your home feel sparkling again, and leave you feeling accomplished during a time when it’s hard to cultivate productivity. We hope you enjoy these 10 inspirational spaces and set-ups that inspire us to get in the mood for a good Spring cleaning.

Making the most with limited kitchen space

Too many kitchen items and not enough cabinet space? This section of a kitchen corner embraces a selection of cookbooks, cutting boards, commonly reached pantry items, attractive and everyday glassware, alongside a favorite piece of art and plants along a simple display of two shelves. Think of all the items you look for every day in your kitchen and how a simple shelf addition can be the perfect perch for all the some of your favorite items to be easily accessed while showcasing you with the reminder you of all the possibilities your kitchen holds.

Source of Inspiration: Jess Kirby

A closet that makes you fall more in love with your clothes

Closets are commonly neglected space that for most, can be challenging to keep organized since we’re in and out of them several times a day. By having a tidy closet, you can be re-inspired by all the clothes you already own, helping to avoid unnecessary shopping as you are able to remind yourself of the items you already have that might have gotten lost or stashed away and forgotten about. Canvas bins or baskets stored can help tuck away clothes for other seasons and color coordinating can help you quickly find the clothes you have in mind while keeping the busy-ness of all the items easier on the eye. A shoe rack at the bottom of the closet helps maximize the bottom space and allow you to get rid of all the shoeboxes that are usually out of reach or collecting dust while keeping all your options in sight.

Source of Inspiration: Caroline Joy

The tiny bathroom upgrade

Most of us have that tiny half-bathroom that still manages to take up some extra square footage while providing ample room for storage. We love how this bathroom has a spot for essentials with the towel basket below the sink, and the single shelf above for a hanging mirror large enough to check your face, some bathroom necessities, and a piece of the home owner’s favorite decor.

Source of Inspiration:

Adding personality and order to your entry way

Shoes, jackets, umbrellas, keys – These are a few of the messiest things. The entry way is an easily overlooked spot in the home, and yet, it’s the first area you and your guests see upon entering. With a few stacked wooden crates and a couple wall panels with hooks, this area has been transformed as a neat space for not just the items you leave by the door every day, but a place to share your favorite pictures and memorabilia as a positive reminder before you enter or walk out of your home each day.

Source of Inspiration: Ashley West Photography

Junk drawer inspiration

We’ve all got the infamous junk drawer. By simply adding some small open containers, shallow boxes or silverware organizers, you can group similar items together and give all your random essentials a more purposeful place within the drawer. For more drawer inspiration as well as tips and tools to help you achieve this and many other Spring Cleaning and organizing secrets, we recommend this blog post by Paper N Stitch or heading over to Marie Kondo‘s site and online organization store.

The gallery wall that works with a variety of frames

When you have a million pictures you want to showcase but they all have different frames and are different sizes, consider this gallery wall made up of a melting pot of tones. Why does it work? While all the frames are mis-matched, many frames share a white matte in common, pulling the design together. In addition, the rest of the area is fairly minimal in feel, with the bright white wall and family of light throw pillows that add an element of synchronicity. By finding a common ground of white across the mattes, nearby elements of the room, and white walls, this blend of otherwise random frames flows very nicely.

Source of Inspiration:

The ideal at-home office space

For many people working from home recently, it might be a challenge creating a space for your work if you don’t have one. You don’t need a fancy desk or an entire room to make your own amazing office space. In this office inspiration, this basic desk is made of two filing cabinets on either side with a polished panel of wood across the top. The wall is crafted with two simple shelves that house a series of binders, trinkets and personal items with plenty of space directly above the desk for keeping notes, additional files and important pins. The space is given an upgraded feel with the leather rolling chair.

Source of Inspiration: Kammy Almeida

A kitchen nook to make your home feel like a cozy cafe

Why miss the ambiance of your favorite cafe, when you can brew your own coffee and enjoy a nice setting like this at home? If your kitchen has any corner what-so-ever, you can easily re-create this nook with two benches and some cozy throw pillows of different patterns and textures and correlating colors. A smaller square table butts up to the corner of the benches to complete the seating area.

Source of Inspiration: Jill Sahner

A fresh look for your fridge reminders

If fridge door clutter is an eye-sore but you can’t bear to take down your Christmas cards from last year and your appointment reminders, look for a nearby wall. This area uses the adjoining wall to help keep upcoming reminders, news articles, pens, special articles, recipes and notepads handy and all within easy sight in an aesthetic way. As a bonus, a basket on the floor can help provide a home for miscellaneous items such as lunch bags, pet food, toys and bulky items that take up awkward placement elsewhere.

Source of Inspiration: Charlotte Smith

The perfect pantry

The perfect pantry can help you easily find all the ingredients you need and help you manage food waste, while saving you money. This pantry uses a color coordinated combo of white and black bins, baskets, storage racks and jars to help keep similar items grouped together and dry ingredients fresh longer. In addition to saving money and reducing food waste, this pantry inspires us to create something new in our kitchen today.

Source of Inspiration: Birch Lane

Catherine Rotman