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5 Instagram Food Bloggers to Follow Today for Inspiration

Food blogging has been popular for many years now, but with most of us at home due to the circumstances of the Coronavirus pandemic, people are looking for food inspiration now more than ever with the need to cook all home meals, with limited ingredients, and for many, extra time.

It’s a moment where despite all the uncertainty in the world, we can turn to others who have created their lifestyles centered around saving costs on meals that only require healthy, whole foods, with minimal ingredients. If we use this time well, it can be a chance for us all to bond with our families and transform ourselves by learning new cooking methods, discovering new combinations of tastes and flavors, and at best, set new routines that will benefit our health and well-being far beyond our current situation.

While we are tested now with the reminder of how fortunate we still are to accessible food and always have been with our endless variety of choices in fresh markets and grocery stores throughout the U.S., we can draw inspiration from creative individuals like the ones we have featured below who strive to share wholesome, healthy and easy recipes for all.

1. Work Week Lunch

What started out as an attempt to save money on lunches during the week and be able to snowboard and travel more, turned into a lifestyle for meal prepper and blogger, Talia Koren of Work Week Lunch. While she has a subscription program, her profile features pictures of countless, easy recipe ideas full of culture and variety that are sure to spark ideas, some of which she graciously shares in detail. She live streams weekly on average walking followers through her methods, tips and new recipes as she experiments. She also brings easy, inexpensive meals to people from less than $10/month through her ‘Work Week Lunch” plan, including all the items you need for the grocery store, alternatives for every diet and over 400 recipes to pick from. At the core of her passion, she promotes ‘intuitive eating’ and anti-diet culture, centered around the belief that restriction leads to over-indulging and binging. She encourages her followers to listen to their body’s cravings from time to time, as an essential need to avoid binging, while also maintaining a colorful and varietal plate.

@workweeklunch on instagram

2. Epicurious

Epicurious carefully crafts unique, comfort-style recipes for wholesome dinner inspiration along with cooking tips. Their brand was formally established under Conde Nest in 1995 as part of their ‘Food Innovation’ Group. Members share how-to demonstrations from their own home through their Instagram stories daily, and they have endless highlights on their feed with Q & A’s, cookbook rules, freezer produce and all their at-home cooking demonstrations with various members.

@epicurious on Instagram

3. Hungry Girl

Lisa Lillien of Hungry Girl defines herself as a “food-obsessed creator of healthy recipes and bestselling cookbooks” and proudly shares a free and healthy daily email. Her instagram is full of motivational quotes around eating and self-care as it pertains to food, simple recipes that require only a couple easy ingredients and playlists to keep you motivated while you cook. She shares tips to prevent habits like eating larger portions, emotional eating and coping with stress as it relates to your relationship with food. You can also enjoy her podcast with new episodes around all of the above topics that launches almost every week.

@hungrygirl on Instagram

4. Love and Lemons

Jeanine Donofrio and her husband are behind a series of zesty, fresh and mostly vegetarian focused recipes that are full of life and personality through Love and Lemons. Their Instagram feed includes highlights from their cookbook, Love and Lemons Everyday, as well as breakfasts, desserts, vegan options and falafels. Their recipes have been featured in Food and Wine Magazine, Food 52, Refinery29, SELF Magazine and Oprah Magazine among others.

@loveandlemons on Instagram

5. Clean food dirty city

Lily Kunin is the voice behind @cleanfooddirtycity as well as the founder of Clean Market, a modern wellness outlet sharing clean products, nutritional information and motivational lifestyle quotes. She features an abundance of clean recipes with raw ingredients that are budget-friendly and fit every dietary need. From her website, you can access countless recipes and filter them by food restrictions, mood, type of meal, season and ingredients so if you’re working with limited, random ingredients in your fridge or pantry, it can be a great source of inspiration. Her cookbook Good Clean Food spotlights plant-based recipes you can try any day!

@cleanfooddirtycity on Instagram

Catherine Rotman