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5 Great Virtual Events to Enjoy at Home This Weekend – April 3-5th, 2020

The odds are, you’ve already been stuck at home for a few weeks and very well could be running out of creative ideas to stay occupied, (aside from recovering from the Netflix trending Tiger King Series or cleaning your house for the 8th time). That’s why our team has worked to find, compile, and create videos around ways to stay fit and healthy, enjoy time with your kids, and keep busy at home through our new TFLiving Connect program on our mobile app.

For those not a part of the TFLiving community, we’re sharing with you several of our ideas that are easy to enjoy and re-create – whether home alone, or with a virtual crowd of your favorite company. As we work to bring health and wellness to countless communities throughout the U.S.,

1. Mixology Night

A fun way to make the most of a weekend night is to host a virtual Mixology party. What’s the most innovative and equally satisfying drink you can create? Get creative with produce, mixers and jars from your spice cabinet, and share with your friends. You can even turn it into a contest by having a few selected hosts to share recipes to all try simultaneously and conclude by voting on a winning favorite cocktail. The winner gets to host a formal version of the party post-quarantine, sponsored by everyone who’s recipe came in second place or beyond. As a source of inspiration, our events team shared a unique blend called the ‘Mull it over’ as well as a Cuban Mojito to give your cocktail brainstorming a boost.

2. Kids Pirate Scavenger Hunt

Another idea we share with our communities through our mobile app is a Pirate Adventure for kids. Pick out any box or ‘treasure chest’ that you can craft ahead of time as an added project. In a series of 30 second-timed rounds, have your kids search for various household items. Round 1 can be things like a remote, two left shoes, a vegetable. Round 2 can include items like a Disney movie, salt and pepper shaker, or shampoo, and so on. It can be as random as you want or as challenging as you make it! After 5 rounds, the winner takes a designated prize of your choosing.

3. Virtual at-home plant party

If grocery trips with limited produce selections have you re-thinking the way you are getting your food, then you won’t want to miss this upcoming webinar happening on Friday April 3rd, hosted by the North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii Chapter. While this event is not hosted by us or accessible in our app, we highly recommend it to anyone who has interest in their own home herbs and plant cultivation. In this special feature, Jensen Uyeda of Hawaii Manoa, farmer and College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources will be talking through a FREE 50 minute webinar with a closing Q&A on  plant cultivation and propagation for two plants you can easily plant at home – edible ginger and sweet potato. The event airs in Hawaii time at 6pm. For more event details, you can visit the North Shore’s Instagram post with specifics. Not able to make this particular event? Check out this list from The Sill on a selection of countless other online plant workshops happening soon.

4. Live stream concerts

As a tribute to everyone sitting at home practicing the art of ‘social distancing’, musicians and performers around the globe are making it more sensational. If you didn’t catch the news about the iHeart Radio and Fox Hosted concerts from last weekend, you can still enjoy countless other live performances as part of the #couchtour movement happening now from YouTube. Artists like Hozier, Melissa Etheridge, Vanessa Carlton, Jason Anderson, Jason Crosby, Diplo and musicians that fit almost every genre have teamed up to bring entertainment from their living room to yours. For a full schedule starting Thursday and through the weekend, check out the Live Stream Coronavirus Shutdown Tour here.

5. Virtual meditation groups

If you’ve wanted to give meditation a try but a class setting has always intimidated you, then a virtual meditation workshop might be the best way to introduce you into what many consider a life-changing habit. Virtual meditation classes are something we are proudly working to include through our mobile app for our residents, however for those who are not on our app, there are countless places to find online workshops and events to help guide you through your first introduction, including a FREE, 90-minute all-levels meditation taking place April 3rd at 6:30 pm EST, hosted by mindfulness leader Paul Downing of Milford, Connecticut. Insight L.A. also offers countless upcoming workshops going on throughout the weekend and beyond, hosted by their network of Dharma Council teachers from many nationwide locations with several years of practice. Access their upcoming schedule here.

Catherine Rotman