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Our Favorite Virtual Tours Across the Globe

Another weekend stuck at home? The good news is, you aren’t alone. To make far away places and travel feel just a lit bit closer, we’ve put together a list of our top 8 favorite tours from across the web, including our nation’s favorite theme park, some of the word’d top museums, one of the seven wonders of the earth, and something for every age and every interest. The perks? There’s no crowds, no fast passes or lines to wait in, no jet lag or travel restrictions, and you can easily stay in your PJ’s and enjoy any of these almost anytime, day or night.

1. The Great Wall of China Tour

Across 2,000 years of history and 3,000 miles, spreads one of the seven wonders of the world. Through this virtual tour you can hike a 6.5 mile stretch with some of the greatest views of the Great Wall where sections have been well-preserved, and offer a glimpse through one of three great mountain passes along the wall.

Virtual Tour of Great Wall of China – Jimshanling to Simatai

2. Louvre Museum of paris

The Louvre Museum of Paris, France draws visitors all over the world and is well known as a historical monument, in addition to its rich gardens and most notably, the world’s largest art display. This virtual tour includes several exhibits from Egyptian Antiquities, Remains of the Louvre’s historical moat, as well as an “Advent Display” collection featuring pieces from Delacroix, Rembrandt and Tintoretto.

Louvre Paris Virtual Tour

3. Virtual rides from Disneyland

Fast past not needed. Straight from your couch you can experience Big Thunder Mountain, Indiana Jones, Splash Mountain, Peter Pan, Pirates of the Caribbean, Guardians of the Galaxy and several other rides well-suited for small kinds directly through a series of YouTube virtual videos that take you through each experience so you can enjoy everything except the butterflies in your stomach.

Disney Rides Virtual Tour

4. Smithsonian museum of natural history

The best thing about the Smithsonian Museum’s Virtual Tour? Every room is available to tour from 360 degrees. The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in DC aims to share educational, interactive exhibits with the goal to deepen the appreciation for many areas of science, human and animal history, as well as cultures of the world.

Smithsonian Museum Virtual Tour

5. The Monterey Bay Aquarium

Located in a unique Bay along the coast of Northern California, the Monterey Bay National Marina Sanctuary is the proud home to a diverse, rich marine life. Through the Aquarium’s live cams, you can check out 10 live cams including everything from sharks to jellyfish, sea otters, the kelp forest, the aviary room and the open sea.

Monterey Bay Aquarium Live Cam

6. J. Paul Getty Museum

The J. Paul Getty Museum of Los Angeles features Roman, Greek and and Etruscan  antiquities, European paintings, sculptures, manuscripts and works of art, as well as photographs and other arts from various continents. The virtual tours include two online exhibits – ‘Eat Drink and Be Merry’, which shares stories of food during the Middle Ages, as well as a second exhibit titled ‘Heaven, Hell, and Dying Well’ that showcases mortality among society during the Middle Ages.

J. Paul Getty Virtual Exhibits

7. Nasa Langley Research center

The NASA Langley Research Center features videos, image and the latest news from the nation’s leading space agency. Their virtual tour includes brief audio and visual clips to stimulate thought, as well as an interactive map from each exhibit. As another alternative, you can access The Space Center’s Houston App with augmented and virtual reality experiences, audio tours, GPS maps and interactive selfie filters.

NASA Langley Research Center Virtual Tour

Space Center Houston

8. Cincinnati Zoo Virtual Tour

The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens is home to countless varieties of wildlife as well as it’s world famous Hippo, Fiona. Every day at 3pm on their Facebook Live, the zoo holds a daily Home Safari. Not able to make the 3pm showing? They share all their videos on their YouTube Channel later on so you won’t miss a beat.

Cincinnati Zoo on Facebook

Cincinnati Zoo YouTube

Catherine Rotman