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Keeping the World Connected in the Wake of a Pandemic

For the first time in a century, humanity has been faced with the reality of a pandemic, as we are are reminded under humbling circumstances that while we are a more advanced society than ever, we are also so intricately and delicately connected.

In a time where we have more technology than we have ever had, a greater ability to share, and be connected with the world, the greatest capacity to travel anywhere, the disruption to our web of social connectivity in every routine and walk of life we have creates a ripple across all cultures, countries and societies, without leaving anyone behind.

How we are working to keep our communities mentally and physically engaged during this time

As we work to keep a close reminder of all the beautiful things we still have in our lives and focus on what we can do today, we’ve taken steps at TFLiving to continue to bring all our communities amenities during a time when they need it the most. Now, more than ever, it is so important for people to stay healthy, to tune into their mind, body and spirit, to nourish with healthy foods, to engage with their loved ones, and help each other out.

As of March 23rd, we launched our newest addition to our platform: TFLiving Connect. We have added some of our world-class Talent to share with our TFLiving communities everywhere the ability to stream virtual workouts and events from the safety and comfort of their home. Our first series launched before this week includes a variety of 3 workout routines: Yoga, Chair Yoga and a Bodyweight Bootcamp. The virtual programs are available from the touch of a button to all our residents and locations with the TFLiving mobile app, as we work to bring new, additional videos to our platform each week.

In addition to the virtual fitness classes, our Events Team is working hard to produce content around virtual events to make this time at home more enjoyable and connected with others, at a time when we all feel so distanced from each other. Events that include kids, kitchen stories, tips for living on a budget right now and different spins on how to enjoy your time at home include the array of lifestyle topics. In addition, we plan to add more content to our blog each week to keep everyone informed and with fresh ideas coming in every day.

Things to remember when you feel anxious

It can be hard to see the light during this great period of uncertainty and long-isolated days. But just remember these things on the tough days:

All the time you wished you could spend with your family is here. Thanksgiving and Christmas are the most cherished holidays we look forward to spending time with our loved ones all year. In the wake of unfortunate circumstances many of us can spend this unique, quality time with the people and animals we love, often taken away by our busy, hectic lifestyles.

If you have a job, you are fortunate. For all the days you may have been tired of your job, many others who have lost theirs in the wake of this crisis are less fortunate. For those who were not so fortunate and are dealing with the reality of a job loss at this time, now more than ever we hope to bring you some relief through virtual exercise and new content to keep any downtime active and busy. As hard as it can be to see anything bright through the storm, it can also be a time to look to new beginnings and consider the possibilities of other things you wanted to do but possibly never had the chance. We also encourage you to check out our Job Openings throughout the company as we will continue to provide locations nationwide with group fitness, events, massage, and dog walking and continue to grow our corporate team beyond the aftermath of the pandemic.

Remember – nothing is forever. Vaccine development is taking place at an accelerated pace like never before as people work around the clock to kick the virus that has turned our world upside down. When the virus is behind us all, people will thrive and appreciate the life we are so fortunate to have more than we ever have. People will hug their loved ones tighter, attend social gatherings and events with excitement, eager to get back to work, love their jobs, create new jobs, helping some of the population who lost theirs, and as a whole, we will be stronger, more humble and aware of how we can and need to adapt our society.

Final thoughts

We look forward to staying connected with you all now, more than ever, and bringing you all the lifestyle alternatives possible to integrate into your lives. Our goal is to continue this program well beyond this time of pandemic and inspire you all to stay well, stay humble, and stay strong.

Catherine Rotman