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How to Keep up Your Fitness Routine When You’re At Home

Being at home during a time of uncertainty can make it easy to slip out of your routine! In addition to the lure of being within close proximity to your kitchen, engaging in a lot of extra stress eating, becoming easily distracted by pets, family and the news, it’s easier than ever to inadvertently let all your regular great habits fizzle away.

However, what better time than now – when you have additional anxiety and extra time to spend, getting in some exercise? This is the ideal time to focus on your form, tune into your body, tap into your willower to workout within chaotic surroundings, and keep your immunity high, to prevent the spread of illness.

Here are the top 7 ways we recommend keeping up with your fitness routine – even when you’re stuck at home.

Schedule a time, every day

Timing is everything. Having a dedicated time every day helps you stay on track. Consider the time you regularly work out, and try to align your at-home workout the same time.

Plan your workout in advance

Planning your workout in advance will get you to workout longer and allow you to challenge yourself along the way. It also gives you an opportunity to consider what your goals are and how you can accomplish and customize those based on your individual needs.

Create a playlist

Music is key – Pump yourself up! Feeling positive will help you crush your workout and get you in the mood to you to push yourself even further.

Start an Accountability group

Accountability is crucial. Having an accountability partner or group helps you and your friends check in with each other to help keep you on track. Bonus – accountability groups give you a boost of socialization from home!

Get Creative

If you normally require equipment for your routine, consider other household items you can use as small, reasonable weights. A chair can help with yoga poses and stretches – or even tricep dips. Sturdy, lower height tables can serve as a great post for raised bench-style push ups, while a door frame can make a great spot for a wall squat.

Get outside

Public places may be off-limits, but that doesn’t mean your yard – or nature is! You can still go on a bike ride, jog, walk, or spend even more quality-time with your dog playing fetch!

Take the pressure off yourself

Working out doesn’t always have to be sweat-inducing. Think of all the different ways to get in movement – whether it be dancing, stretching, going for a stroll down your street while you’re on the phone, and if you have a bluetooth or headset – even doing chores! Healthy movement doesn’t always have to be a designated activity like Bootcamp or even Yoga. Simply getting up and about, stretching and letting your blood flow is a key habit to helping staying healthy.

Catherine Rotman