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5 Ways to Cultivate Self-Love Through Self-Care Routines

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re highlighting the often underrated significance of self-love and how you can make more time for it in your life through self-care routines. While Valentine’s Day is traditionally a time of celebrating romance, it’s also a Holiday that honors the bigger picture of love as well. It’s important to never lose sight that no matter how much we give to others, self-love is the foundation of our most optimal well being that paves the way for our interactions and relationships with others.

In the busy culture of Western society, our days are centered around dedicating our time to our jobs, obligations and families. With little time left at the end of the day, it often becomes hard to accommodate our own needs and wants sometimes.

It’s so important to build in experiences and self-care activities into your routine and put your needs at the top of all the other important things in your life, because at the end of the day, what really matters is you. We’ve compiled 5 great ways to cultivate self-love and honor the life and body you have, starting today.

Taking care of your body, in any age or condition

There is an expression that health is wealth, and often times, especially in youth when most people are at their peak, health is easily taken for granted. But it’s something that should be cherished at every decade of life, even when we aren’t showing symptoms of our age. According to the CDC, adults should have at least 2 and a half hours of moderate exercise a week including muscle strengthening activities and aerobic activity. If you loathe the idea of working out everyday, there’s a silver lining. Studies have shown the benefits are the same if you break this into two moderate 75 minute workouts a week or just one rigorous workout a week.  If you are in a position where you aren’t able to dedicate that time for yourself regularly, just setting aside an hour or so 1-2 days a week can be adequate to getting the physical activity that will help you reap all the benefits of regular exercise.

Mental well-being through social activities

Through social experiences we create and share with others, we are also able to be a better happier version of ourselves. You might already be well aware of how you “feel” when you engage in a social activity, but there is an actual science behind it. According to an article by Medical News Today, psychologist Susan Pinker actually informs that face-to-face contact actually generates dopamine, as well as neurotransmitters that protect you. Something as simple as a handshake can release a hormone known as oxytocin, which lowers your cortisol (stress levels) and increases your ability to trust. Therefore, through engaging in activities with friends, family, or by meeting new people in a networking setting or community event, you are engaging in interaction that in fact, does make you feel good.

Spending time with animals

Another way to feel great and boost your mood is through animals. Fortunately, the science demonstrating the positive implications animals have on our health has made its way into advocating service and emotional support animals. Studies have found that people with pets are less prone to heart attacks, have lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, pulse and fewer doctors visits than those without pets.

If you can’t have a pet where you live, then something as simple as assisting in a local animal shelter, or helping someone in your community by becoming a dog walker can help you benefit from the positive impacts of being around animals.

Self-Care routines like massage and meditation

Another great form of self-care is accomplished through massage therapy. Massage is a very powerful and often underutilized tool not just to help you manage stress and feel good, but reduce symptoms to an array of conditions and improve your physical and mental well being. Not convinced on how you can justify the cost? Check out these tops reasons that argue why massage therapy is a ‘need’ and not just a ‘want’.  

Along with massage, meditation can be another profound way to help you with mental clarity, relaxation, anxiety management, attention, focus and self-awareness. Just 5 minutes a day can be effective in seeing the powerful results meditation can have.

Managing constraints with helpful tools

Time is a huge obstacle for so many people, and time management tools are often highly sought after to help us optimize all our goals. If this feels like a challenging area for you that often gets in the way of allowing you to make time for yourself, a great resource is Michael Hyatt’s Ideal Work Week. Despite a moderate workload, Michael Hyatt breaks down how is able to allocate time towards his personal goals, health goals, work and family. Following a routine model like this can possibly help you find the balance you are striving for your own personal goals this year.

How we play a role in promoting healthy, social engagement in communities nationwide

Our mission revolves around community, which we believe is the foundation for everything. Through our amenities at residential and corporate communities nationwide, we strive to give residents and tenants across our portfolio access to healthier living, social engagement, and care for pets through our platform, and our people. If you’d love to see our services in your community, or are interested in helping serve our mission as a fitness instructor, dog walker, personal trainer or events coordinator, we’re interested in hearing from you.

 We hope these ideas have provided some inspiration on how you find some time to cultivate self-love and self-care in your daily routine this year.

Catherine Rotman