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How to Stay Motivated to Crush Your 2020 New Year’s Fitness Goals

Motivation is the key driving force to making goals happen, whether they are New Year’s resolutions or general goals. Health and fitness always ring in as top priorities many people are always wishing they could put more focus on, especially going into a New Year. But how can you stay committed? A common misconception is that it takes 21 days to form a habit, but the truth is, that can actually vary depending on the person, the task at hand, an individual’s will, and so much more- lending to the fact that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all timeline for unlocking a routine. The good news is, without a set standard, you can make anything a habit within a week if you are truly determined.

If you feel you need some extra guidance to help you jumpstart your fitness goals for this year, we’ve complied a list of some of the best ways to give your motivation to go a boost.

Give your fitness goals a reality check

If you set a goal that’s too high, you might feel too intimidated to even get started. Unless you’re prepared to jump right into something like a Bootcamp class, you can start with a plan as simple as walking 20 minutes everyday, climbing stairs at your work on a break, or your place of residence, or simply joining a relaxing Yoga or Stretch & Tone class before easing into more intense exercise categories. While some people excel when setting high expectations, you may need to start with a simple, easy level that you know is realistic to fit into your daily obligations and current routine.

Join a group fitness class

Research shows that working in a group setting motivates people to work harder, push themselves more, and consistently workout more frequently. Through the accountability and inspiration of a group, you can have a more enjoyable fitness experience in a group setting, and even reach your weight loss goals faster.

Have an accountability partner

Having someone to either workout with you every day, OR just help check-in with you and remind you to stay on track can be all the push you need to reach your destination. Check out some of these tips when looking for an accountability partner.

Start with Personal Training (or make a switch).

Sometimes with exercise, you may be overwhelmed because you aren’t sure where to begin. Getting started with a Personal Trainer can help guide you into the correct routine unique to your needs, based on wherever you are at on your fitness journey, and also educate the proper forms as you begin to familiarize yourself with proper exercises and equipment. If you are already doing some sort of fitness regiment and considering personal training in 2020 to boost your current workout routine, check out When Personal Training Benefits Over Your Regular Fitness Regiment.

Choose the best time of day for you

If you aren’t a morning person, then trying to force yourself to get up and have energy to workout might be a bad idea. Opt for an evening walk, join a night time group fitness class, or even try to fit in small 10 minute breaks at work if you are able to, where you get up and take a power walk, climb stairs, or do some stretches. If the morning is the only time you have, try a simple trick like setting various obnoxious alarms away from your bed to force you to get up and turn off.

Remember that your normal is different from everyone else’s normal

When you set your goals, sometimes you can easily get discouraged and quit by a weight number you have in your mind, or a comparison you’ve made to others. It’s imperative to remember that we all have our own “normal”, and to not set the same expectation you have for anyone else on yourself. A perfect example where weight and body image is concerned, is demonstrated by Insider Health – showing several women with different body types who have the same weight.

Think of something you love to do when pursuing your fitness goals

Not all workouts have to be about lifting weights or running a mile. Fortunately, a variety of group fitness classes available, tie in fun activities that make it feel a lot less like working out and a lot more like having fun. Enjoy swimming? Try water aerobics. If dancing is your thing, there’s Zumba. If you love riding a bike, cycling could be a perfect fit for you.

Keep a constant reminder in a good place

Whether it’s a motivational message, a picture of someone who inspires you, or an idea, there has to be some underlying reason that you set this goal in the first place. Try putting a reminder of this image, quote, message, or idea on your bathroom mirror, in your wallet, on your phone screensaver, the inside of your front door, or anywhere else that you will see the constant reminder of the reason you wanted to start in the first place.

Remember all the amazing health benefits you will continue to derive from physical exercise

From physical to mental and overall well-being, every time you dedicate to working out, you are investing in yourself. You’re probably familiar with the more popular reasons for working out – including weight loss, energy levels, stress relief, improved sleep, and longevity. But you may not be aware that there is array of other benefits including but not limited to brain function, improved sexual health, relief of chronic pain, healthier skin, and addiction recovery. By focusing on the multitude of benefits you can achieve from physical activity, you are sure to stay motivated.

Catherine Rotman