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Instructor Spotlight: Monica Craun


Monica Craun

Location where you teach: 

One Water Street and The Palmer in the Philadelphia area

TFLiving classes you teach: 


Favorite pre-workout and/or post workout snack:  

Tropical fruit smoothie

Most memorable fitness moment: 

My most memorable yoga moment, was when a mother, her young son and daughter joined a Yoga class. They were helping each other and smiling throughout, assisting each other in tree pose and helping each other balance. In Savasana, ending meditation pose, they all joined hands with each other, and the mother had such a look of bliss as they went on the guided meditation together. The room felt filled with love, and I was in complete awe at what a moment of consciousness can do, and to remember we are all just truly here to love and help each other along.

What inspired you to want to get into a fitness career? 

I have been a Ballet Dancer for a long time and studied various styles of dance throughout my life. Discovering and practicing yoga was a way to balance the spirit and the body in a Holistic way.

Favorite post-workout stretch: 

I usually do the Ballet Barre exercises for my stretching routine.

Best advice for anyone beginning their fitness journey today: 

My advice would be to choose what fitness activities we do out of joy, because its brings health and happiness. Also it’s important to have patience with ourselves as our body learns new practices or techniques. To understand that our body responds to how we feel, to always make sure we are exercising with positive energy, knowing that our physical, mental and emotional results will be beautiful as long as we come from the heart.

What do you love about working for TFLiving? 

It has been such a beautiful experience traveling to different communities in the Philadelphia area, sharing yoga along with all the magical moments of spirituality and healing that having a meditative space can bring! I am honored to be a part of the TFLiving community!

What do you love most about our app? 

I love how efficient, clear and easy to use it is. I feel it helps me organize, plan and arrive exactly where I need to be with all the information necessary. It is beautifully streamlined to make working in different places a very non-stressful experience.

Fun fact about you not related to fitness: 

I lived in Brazil for two years and love the music of Carnival!

Catherine Rotman