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When Personal Training Benefits Over Your Regular Fitness Regiment

Motivation is the key driver to all things exercise and fitness. It takes willpower and determination to take that first step and decide to join a gym or a workout routine at home. Everyone has reasons personal to them for wanting to incorporate fitness into their lives (other than just losing weight!) but what really drives someone to make the decision is often the moment when they feel something has to give, and a need is not being met. 

So why choose personal training when considering a specific fitness regiment? How do you know when it’s time to start a more personal fitness routine rather than one individually or in a group setting? If you are starting out OR are already far along in your fitness journey but looking for a deeper fitness experience there are several reasons to consider spending some time working with a personal trainer. We’ve highlighted some of the key benefits today.


Having someone meeting you at a designated time and place, personally monitoring your fitness journey, and showing you all the steps to get there are keys to keeping you accountable and a top reason to consider a personal trainer. Having a class to attend with a friend holds some accountability but not as much as a one-on-one session with someone, and as an individual you are far less likely to meet your goals without accountability except in the case of individuals capable of strict self-discipline. 

Form correction

Even the most experienced and avid fitness enthusiasts make mistakes. A professional can point out if you are consistently performing your squats or lunges wrong, or lifting improperly with your back instead of your legs. The ultimate benefit to form correction in the long run is reduced risk of injury, which can easily happen abruptly, or after prolonged periods of sustained incorrect movement.

Getting you on the right track for an individual routine 

Starting at any gym or going to a fitness center can seem daunting. Which muscle group(s) should you focus on to start off with? How do you know when you’ve done enough reps? What does a balanced workout routine look like? Even if classes are available to help, they are best used to supplement an individual routine as well and likely will not serve all your fitness routines. Even for experienced gym-goers having someone with a lot of experience to set you on the path for a regiment will not only jumpstart your motivation but allow you to follow a course for faster success.


Another key benefit to personal trainers is the ability to help you achieve the results you are looking for as fast as possible. You can achieve results from working out even without a personal trainer, but you likely aren’t going to get the same, best results as you would working with someone one on one who you can consult on where you want to go and coach you every step of the way.

Customized attention to your personal needs 

If you have a weak spot, you might not know the best modification. In a group setting it can be hard to keep up the pace if you have any trouble areas. Even at your best physical ability, every person has different movements within exercise that are easier or harder depending on unique physique, health status, and individual body structures. Trainers can tap into your personal limitations, and work with you to identify key areas you may struggle with, and the best workarounds for those spots.

A lifetime of knowledge to benefit from 

Even if you only spend two months with a trainer or just three sessions, either way you will take away from the experience. The processes shared and taught can stick with you well beyond that starting point and be something you can use as a foundation to build on for the rest of your life.

As a resource

Personal trainers are great not just for helping you reach your goals for fitness, but also as a great resource for other areas of health and wellness. Some trainers have knowledge in nutritional areas and may be also willing to assist you with a healthy meal plan. Others may not have the skillset for that as well, but likely have access to a large network of other advisors and specialists who can be a part of your wellness journey.

Whatever place you are at in your fitness experience, whether just starting out or experienced but looking for the next level, it’s for these reasons and more that you may want to consider working with a personal trainer. For more questions or to learn how you can benefit from on-site amenities such as personal training right in your community, visit TFLiving – What We Do.

Catherine Rotman