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10 Unique Event Themes Your Residents will Love

What drives tenants to want to reside at a certain property, building, or apartment complex year after year? Property managers are always seeking ways to reduce churn rates and keep residents for as many lease terms as possible. Equally, tenants don’t want to move around, and are often seeking properties that offer more amenities, and make them feel welcome and at home. There are many layers of keeping tenants engaged, but Resident Events are one of the best, easiest ways to curate a lifestyle desired by tenants and help them connect. We’ve compiled a list of unconventional and trending parties that will liven up your community and set your events apart from the standard potluck.

Home Organization and Sip Party

Home organization is among one of the top interests for people who don’t know how to manage their space as well as home improvement enthusiasts. Host a specialist that can give them all the best tips and tricks for decluttering and making the most with their space.

A Twist on Family Game Night

Bring kids and families together with giant Jenga, Cornhole boards, or a scavenger hunt and a bounce house for kids. Compliment all the activities with universal foods everyone loves such as pizzas or simple grilled hotdogs.

Mixology Hour

Bring in a specialized drink mixer to share with your residents creative and inspiring concoctions they can enjoy and make at home.

Plant Party Workshop 101

For those with a green thumb, invite a horticultural special guest to share plant care tips and walk residents through creating and maintaining the best routine for potted plants.

Tacos and Trivia Night

Select a series of trivia questions across different categories and have a DIY taco station where residents can choose from a variety their favorite toppings. Tacos make it especially easy for a large palette of tastes since you can provide plenty of options from vegetables, seafood, and poultry to beef. Prizes can range from an extra property perk such as a complimentary service or gag prizes for the biggest loser.

Paint and Sip

Creative residents will love this chance to express their artistic skills while sipping on varietal wines. Bring in a host from one of many national or local paint and wine shops.

Ice Cream Social

Perfect for kids and all ages, residents have a chance to pick from a variety of ice cream supplied by a local shop with a spread of dozens of toppings. You can have more fun with this idea by holding a contest for most the most creative scoop, most colorful scoop, and most unique flavors on a cone!

Kids Yoga

For residents who need some more quiet time from hectic family lives, this event can help center kids to their most Zen state of mind and allow them to relax some of their high energy.

Yappy Hour

A pet themed happy hour can be a great way to get neighbors with pets to meet each other and promote social engagement for their furry friends as well! Bring in a pet trainer to help host with Q & A sessions, or have a pet photo contest with chances to win raffles for grooming services, special treats for pets pet apparel and more.

Green Party

Looking to encourage residents to reduce, reuse and recycle more? This event can prompt more eco-friendly tactics tenants can incorporate into their lifestyle or also be used as a way to inform tenants of upcoming changes your property may be taking to create a more environmentally-friendly effort.

If you have any type of new initiative or upcoming announcements for your property, events can be a great way to get in front of your audience while allowing you an opportunity to hear back from them in a way that keeps it light and fun for everyone. Incorporating any of these themes or even own theme ideas into events is a sure way to help make the most of your property, and most importantly, help your residents get the best value where they live.

Catherine Rotman