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Dogs Need Exercise Too. Is Yours Getting Enough?

Whether or not you make time for an exercise regimen in your life, you’re likely very aware of the imperative effects it has on overall your physical and mental wellness. But what about our pets? Often overlooked, it should come as no surprise that our dogs also need an adequate amount of playtime and even mental engagement for their overall health, well – being, even their mood. As an added bonus, adequate exercise for your pet results in a better night’s rest for your best friend – and you.

It may surprise you to know however JUST how much exercise is required for dogs.

The truth is, the amount can widely vary by dog breed (See figure A for reference). According to PetMD, a minimum range of 30 minutes to 2 hours of moderate to high-intense exercise daily, depending on the breed is crucial to their health. Just like humans, with a lack of exercise dogs can suffer from an array of complications including muscle deterioration, weight gain, behavioral challenges – from aggression, to extra anxiety, excessive barking, even chewing!

For elderly dogs and canines with a handicap, it’s even more important to keep up with minor to moderate level exercise as their joints begin to become more sensitive, or as they develop arthritis. Regular walking and low impact exercise can slow down the process by strengthening the joints and allowing more blood flow and nutrient circulation to those spots.

The most universal way to easily start an exercise routine for your dog

Walking in particular, is the easiest way to get your dog on a steady pace for more moderate and intense level exercises such as fetch, running, swimming and hiking longer flat or downhill distances. You can start your dog on a basic brief walk regimen that lasts as little as 15 minutes, and gradually work them up to longer strides of 30 minutes or more, adding on other more vigorous forms of activity beyond that. Your dog should be a “healthy tired” at the end of the day – without seeming exhausted out of their norm.

How do I make sure to make time for my dog’s exercise when I struggle finding time for myself?

How can you make sure your dog gets adequate exercise when you already have a limited schedule, physical challenges to getting out frequently, or are away for a period of time? That’s just one of the reasons many people turn to dog walkers for assistance. As part of our hiring process for TFLiving, we make sure all of our dog walkers are vetted with proper background checks, screened with a thorough interview process. A love for animals and dogs is a must! After a resident requests a walk from the mobile app, we work with their schedule to set them up with a dog walker as often as their needs require.

Want to know more about our dog walking, plus other resident services we offer? Visit our What We Do’ page today or contact us for more information about getting TFliving amenities in your building!

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Catherine Rotman